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Featured Collector: Wilson Lim

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Wilson Lim

Location: Singapore

His Collection
It’s my pleasure to share my collection of sixth scale figures!

It all started in the 80′s when I started to collect the 3.75″ Star Wars figures and small die-cast Star Wars vehicles. In the 90′s I started to collect Spawn, and in 2000, I started to collect sixth scale when I first saw the Aliens & Predators figures from Hot Toys. I fell in love with them right away and started the collection I have today.

Along the way, I also started to collect the Hot Toys Cosbaby figures starting with the first release, Year of the Mouse. I have collected every Cosbaby (including variants and secret versions) to date, though I still consider sixth scale my main collection.

To date I have about close to 500+  sixth scale figures and growing. I am just starting to expand into Premium Format & Statue (mostly Alien, Predator, and Star Wars of course) and it’s really FUN collecting them.
I look forward to a solid year 2013 with more sixth scale Star Wars!

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  • Neil

    Fantastic collection and displays!

  • Calvin

    Nice display cases, are they custom made?

  • Paul

    Awesome collections!!

  • Tim

    Good to see a fellow collector from Singapore. Great collection!

  • JR Smith

    Very nice collection indeed.

  • blueorangeny

    That is dope. Question. I’ve been searching. It seems Wilson has what I’m looking for. Does anyone know where I can find these type of shelves so I can display my collection. thx

  • Ary

    Collectors and their display questions! XD

  • Wilson Lim

    hi guys, yes, the display cabinet are total custom made. apart using LED lights (LED lights are lasting and not too hot). I made the glass shelf movable too and lastly and most important is I install a Dehumidifier rod on every display area so to keep it in good condition and prevent fungus. cheers!!

  • blueorangeny

    Thanks for replying back. Do you have a site where you found these rod dehumidifier’s. Thanks again

  • Pablo

    Wow!!! This is amazing!!! Congratulations! this is a great collection, and it is beautifully displayed!

  • jacques moreau

    awesome collection!!! I’m jeleous!!.lol I’m gonna show my girlfriend this.may’be she will let me add on to mine a little more.lol. again awesome dude!

  • George Jason Hamilton

    The newsletter mentions deciding if we want to go with a brown or blue jacket ,is there a poll somewhere or is this going to be an option for the figure.To me it certainly looks like a blue parka in the majority of shots in the movie.

  • Andre

    Waited and wanted this one for a long time, and he clearly looks to be worth the wait! The only other that’d improve this figure is a switch-out jacket with a snow-and-ice deco all over it, would make it especially nice with the tauntaun.

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