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What Trooper Is Up Sideshow’s Sleeve Next?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Snowtrooper Premium Format Figure! This Star Wars collectible will be available for Pre-Order in the near future, so keep watch to snag this Empire solider for yourself!

Join the Empire - Snowtrooper Premium Format Figure

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  • Travis

    I was hoping for one of the Republic Commandos or Galactic Marine (similar to Snow Trooper). I’m curious what the fan base is thinking. Maybe Sideshow needs to play it safe when doing a Premium Format figure. As a fan, I would be more interested something a bit more unique/different than the troopers done already, IMHO.

  • Pete

    Just got my figure and to my surprise its not white. Its light brown. The armor is white but all the soft bits are beige. Very disappointing.

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