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Doctor Doom Update!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get a new peek at Sideshow Collectibles upcoming Doctor Doom Legendary Scale (TM) Figure below! This Marvel villain will be Pre-Ordering soon!

Doctor Doom Legendary Scale Figure Photo

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  • Doctor Doom Legendary Scale(TM) Figure
  • Ralph Spadaccini

    Can wait for it…..

  • James

    This looks stunning. You know what, i’m not into this kind of thing whatsoever normally, but this could change everything! It looks stunning and I hope the price isn’t too high. :)

  • BuffyGirl

    If this is an open order item (along with the Catwoman lsf) then I will pop my order in at the end of the year.

  • Tim James

    Dr Doom rules supreme – and he will be added to my collection!

  • Louis pepe

    Cant wait for this one. Definitely on my list.

  • Victor Von Doom

    This pleases DOOM!
    Day one purchase (hoping it isn’t way too expensive though).

  • http://gaiking javier

    bring on the bad guy #1 he will look awesome in my case next to my deadpool

  • Reese

    Extremely excited to see this…!!!

  • DoomScribe

    Enough with the tease! Put in on sale soon! Dying from anticipation!

  • albert lee

    nice one!

  • Eddie

    Amazing! Hope It’s NOT halo or Light Weight like some of your recnt statues SS?

  • Ralphie

    Got to check out the Dr Doom LSF at SDCC last year..all I can say is AWESOME.And hope the production run turns out as good.

  • William Watson

    A must have for MARVEL fans. From what Ive seen this will be an instant grail piece. This will be my first LSF statue.

  • KW

    What is the Status of this piece????

  • Andy

    I will have four LSF “GRAIL” in my place !!!!
    #Doctor Doom Legendary Scale (TM)
    #Ghost operative. Sarah Louise Kerrigan
    #Darth Revan
    #Iron Man Mark III . BRING IT… :)

  • brian loh


  • Dan

    I am still waiting for this! I will own it. I still have my Legendary Dr. Doom.

  • Nic

    Pre-ordering soon it says..They need to remove that comment, it feels like a lie.

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