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Sound Off: What are you looking forward to next year?

Sunday, December 30, 2012


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What are you looking forward to next year?


I can’t wait to see the Iron Patriot. – MyFigureWorld

Looking forward to the rest of the Justice League…need to see the Flash!! - BmuthaSupreme


Sixth Scale Major Bludd, Baroness & Snow Job  -  Yt74


My Sideshow Iron Man Legendary Scale Bust!!  - Sant0110


Superman, DC Sixth Scale, Iron Man Premium Format (Avengers), Captain America Premium Format (Avengers), Batgirl Premum Format - Fernando R.


Looking forward to my Premium Format Deadpool to arrive and to keep expanding my Marvel collectibles. – Ben K.


Shazam! Premium Format Statue! – Chris G.


I’m still hoping for literary characters from sci-fi and fantasy books. Yes, Sideshow, I’m will to throw down $350+ on a Raistlin, Drizzt, etc. - Jon W.


Looking forward to all the usual… I would love an Episode II style Commander Cody (like in Clone Wars seasons 1-3) in the Militaries, and maybe a Mara Jade, but any classic trilogy Star Wars figures would be great. Maybe some Trek, and Doctor Who. Iron Man 3′s stuff will be brilliant as well. :)

            P.S. My girlfriend would love you to do some Transformers (based on the movies). - Nicholas D.


From Hot Toys: Prometheus, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and hopefully a sixth-scale figure of The Bat! – Zac W.


Sauron Premium Format. Not sure where it’s going to be displayed yet though – didn’t realize it was 3 feet tall! – Brad D.


I’m loving the new look(s) of Thor and look forward to each new issue. Esad Ribic does incredible imagery. Imagine that in quarter scale, it would be epic. - Randy S.


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  • Max Power

    It will be the Avenger’s Hulk maquette for me!

  • Noel

    Michael Myers Premium Format Figure

  • Wasem Malallah

    I’m hoping you guys will do a Dark Phoenix statue because only you guys will get it perfect. Also an Archangel PF would be awsome :)

  • Jason

    Im looking forward to recieveing my Hulk Maquette and the pro-order and relese of the Grey Hulk Comiquette. I dont care how much eveyone says Sideshow is screwing up with the repaints,that Grey Hulk will be mine !!! Muahahahahah

  • Grant

    I would absolutely love to see a new Punisher comiquette based on the inimitable art of Marco Checchetto… because, let’s be honest, Punisher without a beard, just doesn’t seem right anymore.

  • Logan

    The shipping of the Shaak Ti Exclusive…in June. Still six months away. Oddly later than other PF’s that were up for preorder at same time but I guess one has to wait for something that is painted so well :)

  • Oscar M.

    BARC speeder bike sixth scale

  • Ceive

    Sideshow. I like a maquette Barbol Ent. Diorama battle Moria. Rohirim PF. Eomer!!!

  • Thomas MAK

    Superman and Wonder Woman Premium Formats

  • Effie

    I am looking forward to the Darth Vader 1/6 scale figure!!! I can’t wait…

  • Ray Roslewicz

    I was going to devote what little space I have left to thc carbonite then I feasted my eyes on the Queen Hive.I need a bigger house & to hit the lottery !

  • David Hale

    I honestly can not wait to see the Hot Toys golden age Captain America. Saw the pics from Comic Con. Already have the first avenger Cap and Red Skull in hand. And the Avengers Cap on order. This will look awsome in my case with the others.

  • Lena

    I am looking forward to receiving my Hot Toys Black Widow (it’s been bumped back a few times now), and to seeing, and no doubt ordering, the upcoming Superman figure noted in one of the 12 Days teasers.

  • chazzgambit

    i’m looking forward to DANTE and VERGIL PREMIUM FORMAT from DMC. And hopefully SIDESHOW will make KRATOS PF.

  • michael

    hello sideshow i would love to see a statue or 1/6 scale of the 1989 michelle pfeiffer cat woman in batman like you did with micheal keaton and jack nicholson! she was my favorite cat woman ever!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Batman , Shaak Ti, and Storm Premium format,
    along with the rest of the 1/6 scale Avengers


    NEW spiderman statues, where is the 1/2 scale?Looking forward to all the new Hot Toys IRONMAN line, damn 2014 is going to break me again…lol

  • Michael xtreme collector

    I am looking for you guys to make a michelle pfeiffer cat woman either premium format or 1/6 scale from the 1989 batman movie

  • Tomás Alberto Lorenzo Montero

    i hope. diorama ents, diorama war cave troll moria, Barbol maquette, nazgul maquette, rohirim pf, octopus comiquette, and down de prize, the world is in crisis…

  • Apeman

    April O Neil and Splinter!!!

  • Andrew Sajdera

    Mara Jade or Kyle Katarn

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