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It’s gonna be an exciting New Year – Get ready for Sideshow DC Sixth Scale Figures!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year DC diehards!

We have not one, but five exciting previews to share from our highly anticipated DC Sixth Scale figures line!
Stay tuned, they’ll be available for Pre-Order in the near future.

The Joker Sixth Scale Figure PhotoHarley Quinn Sixth Scale Figure PhotoCatwoman Sixth Scale Figure Photo

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  • Richard

    Can’t wait for these!

  • M2W

    Now that’s how you start off the new year! BOOM! Love it. This and 1/6 Vader…yeah most wanted 2013!!!

  • AVP

    wow, when will these be released??
    Can’t wait for it! Harley!

  • Mark

    Love these toys!!

  • David Stewart

    I hope that is not the final design for Superman’s shield. There are black lines in his shield in the comics because it drawn. They had to put lines in to show the colourist where to put the colours.
    The black lines really aren’t there.
    On a three-dimensional actual object, the lines are as silly as if you decided not to sculpt face, but just indicated the features with black lines. And if you are stupid, you could justify it by pointing to the comics and saying “Look, his noise IS JUST A BLACK LINE!”
    But I know you are not stupid – its why I love you!!!

  • Gwendydd

    it would be nice to see a classic catwoman in her purple dress green cape,vintage look and her panther diablo in 1/6 scale figure. No one has tackled this and dc direct is making the same catwoman as you so it’s kinda bring to see the same catwoman

  • What Burns My Bacon

    I like Superman and how tough he looks, but I wish they made his S shield a bit bigger. It looks too small.

  • Harry

    Now that you will release Superman and Batman vintage look, it would be nice to see all Original team Justice League of America 1/6 scale figures vintage look (Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Flash)including Robin, I grew up with 1970′s Mego super heroes and still have all of them, there are currently another two companies doing something similar, but definetely you are unique and the best ones, since all the original super heroes have had their own movies it would be easier for you to recreate the rest of them as you have done it for Superman and Batman with realistic facial expression and texture and detailed hand-painted sculpture.

  • Andy

    I think Catwoman looks a little strangely proportioned, her hips need to come up a lot higher. Right now she’s a little bottom-heavy, which isn’t really exuding a female feline quality.

  • malft

    Superman’s shield is perfect for the size of the figure. There are about 200 versions of the shield from various era’s this one looks good to me.

  • Maximus Rex

    As usual another bang up job by our friendly toy designers at Sideshow, my small gripes are Supes and The Batman’s insignia, I wish they were actual stitched patches.

    I’m not crazy about Harley’s corset, but if they didn’t give her one, she would just have on a leotard, which would looked rather plain.

    I also wished they would have tucked Supes cape to towards the front of his shirt as opposed to around the shirt.

    I’m waiting for the Sideshow Wonder Woman, they have to make up for that sorry excuse for an action figure that DC Direct called itself putting out.

  • quiver11

    I am definitely getting all of em… how bout the rest of you guys?

  • Vamp!

    The SS can not miss the opportunity to produce a version Batman Gotham by Gasligth this scale. With the finish of you, would be a phenomenal collectible. Hugs to all!

  • george

    wanted to know if i can bye directly from you and what the prices? batman superman captain america?

  • Kevin

    A fantastic Superman would be great and I’m not trying to take away from the Reeves version but come on, enough. The head looks top shelf on this. I would also like to see The Flash done truly right and maybe his counter, Yellow Flash. The SS Flash is ok, don’t get me wrong but it could be so much better and there are so many bad ones. With all the work that goes into Iron Man, can you help a guy out?

  • Kevin

    I forgot to mention, HATE The Joker.
    There is one of the Joker from the Black and White Batman series models with Mr. Joker and he has a gun at his side while walking that is pretty decent, to me any way.

  • Kevin

    I just dug out my Flash statue and it’s the Chronicles version. Excellent stance but way too small at under 7″. All done

  • Joe

    I’m real excited for the Joker and Harley Quinn figures. Batman and Superman have the vintage look…if I knew that a complete Justice League vintage team was being done, I would have to get them all.

  • Seth

    They look good. Any plans on JSA members in this line? Or possibly Kingdom Come versions of the characters? Vertigo figures would also be a welcome inclusion.

  • Andrew Pierce

    Can’t wait for Catwoman to come out. I think I’m going to collect all of the female characters of this series.

  • rafael

    Love this line an I preorder the joker already. An seen that the joker comes with two heads will batman an superman have the same? Please superman should come with lightup eyes an batman with a battle damage headscult.thank u.

  • Anaria

    I was so excited about Harley Quinn until I saw the pictures, what have they done to her costume?! Don’t mess with her original look :( I really hope that corset mess is removable :(

  • Shannon

    Looking nice! I’m liking the Catwoman sculpt the best. Harley is good too, like the expression. Not crazy about the white ruffle under the corset, but that’s not a big deal, because the rest is lovely. I’ll have to put alot of thought into which one to pick up…..

  • Pablito

    I’m going crazy over purchasing the Catwoman figure!! I love her facial expression and the details of her costume. Please release her soon! ;-)

  • Wonder Woman lover

    They all look amazing! I really hope they do a good job on Wonder Woman.

  • http://n/a Gwen

    I saw the post for 1/6th harley on SSF but you guys never said anything about an eta. Infact joker leapfrogged over these.

  • Gwendydd Stclair

    Id love to see Batgirl, Robin, Wonder woman in classic costume not that new crap, Green Lantern, Sinestro and the Cheetah (classic). to pop up next. they would be good instant buys

  • Sidney Fontinele

    I loved it, already preordered the Joker and Harley Quinn. Hope to see more from DC and could be cool se Marvel as well. How about games? Imagine Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and King of Fighter 1/6. That would be awesome.

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