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Featured Collector: Savanna K.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Savanna K.

Location: Florida

Her Collection

I’ve been collecting for six months…yes, I’m still a newbie! My collection is focused on clone troopers from the Star Wars franchise. Carded action figures and sixth scale figurines are the main chunk of my collection.

Her Favorite Collectible

I absolutely love Sideshow’s Commander Bacara Sixth Scale figure. His interchangeable weapons are fun to use when posing, and I think his kama is super cool. The detail on these figures are impressive…most impressive.

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  • Jason

    Can she marry me?

  • http://www.getsomegrapesoda.com Jason V2

    What a fantastic collection. I love seeing focused collections like this. I wish I had more discipline at times to be this focused. Really great start to your collection for sure.

  • http://mycornerofnaboo.blogspot.com Lindy

    woot!!! Go savanna!!!

  • Lena

    This is a pretty impressive collection for just 6 months of collecting.

  • Aidy

    Excellent!! Saw this on FB but had to comment here as well. Though I’m very much an all round Star Wars collector I do love the Clones, in fact, I wish I could dedicate myself to something more specific like this. Well done.

  • Ash

    Whether you’re a StarWars lover o not. If you’re a collector, you just love the Clone Troopers. They are just too cool n interesting to look at ; )

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