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Darth Malgus Sixth Scale Figure Coming Soon

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Darth Malgus Sixth Scale Figure will soon be unleashed! Get a sneak peek at this Sith Lord from Star Wars: The Old Republic below.

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  • Darth Malgus Sixth Scale Figure
  • Darth Malgus Sixth Scale Figure
  • EricFoss

    Now, we’re talking Sideshow. This is awesome and I thank you! Please don’t make me wait 12 months…

  • Pablo Vazquez

    Yes! This just made my day! I will preorder as soon as the option is available!

  • NickSim

    nice addition to the 1/6 line and like EricFoss said , don’t make us wait too long …

  • Iceman007

    Darth Malgus is a bad mother…(shut ur mouth!)sixth scale figure!

  • scott zazueta

    I can’t wait to order mine.

  • astro666

    Looking forward to seeing more of this Malgus figure.

  • TyroneBiggums

    Bah, would rather have had a Sixth Scale Darth Revan…

  • Tom

    Awesome,When can I order????? Sideshow how about a Darth Revan or Darth Talon also.Keep up the good work…

  • James Sotcheff

    A few more like this (Revan please)and I’ll need to set up a Bigger room for my collection.

  • Travis Baumann

    I saw the prototype in person at Comic-Con in San Diego and he is awesome. I heard a 1/6th Darth Talon is in the works too which is even cooler news.

  • fred

    I will PO this and the new ‘Darth Vader’ when they both become availible.

  • Anaria

    Love it! Will definitely be ordering. And please make more figures from KOTOR and SWTOR :) A Bastila, Revan, Malak, or Satele would be awesome :)

  • Matt

    Still waiting on General Grievous.

  • Joe

    I was a little disappointed with the Darth Malgus Gentle Giant statue that I got in my SWToR Collector’s Edition, but this is a figure I can really get excited about! I will definitely pre-order this figure when it becomes available.

  • Jonathan Nipshank

    How much longer?

  • Victor

    OMG I love malgus. Look good next to my 7′ statue and Vintage Collection Figure. I just wish someone would make Darth Nihilus!

  • Tyler

    I actually Wished Malgus was in 4 5 and 6 instead of Vader. He is one vicious son a Gun.

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