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Hot Toys G.I Joe: Retaliation Figures Coming Soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to announce that a full line of G.I. Joe Retaliation collectible figures from Hot Toys will be available for Pre-Order soon!

Joining the newly released Snake Eyes Sixth Scale Figure, Hot Toys plans to offer Joe Colton, Roadblock and Storm Shadow to their ranks of Joe and COBRA Sixth Scale Collectible Figures!

Hot Toys G.I. Joe: Retaliation Photo

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  • joe riot

    Sweet! But what about the Cobra Commander?

  • James

    This is such great news. Snake Eyes looks great and I can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Tom P.

    Oh, man! I Have to have “The Rock” in 1/6 scale!! A definite buy for me’

  • Daniel Sirle

    Must have storm shadow

  • Kai

    Can’t wait! I do agree with joe riot about Cobra Commander.

  • Adilson Martir

    This G.I Joe figure from the rock is SPOT ON!! Fantastic work on that definataly!! ITS A MUST HAVE

  • Brendan Campbell

    Joe Colton!?!? Crap…while The Rock is uber tempting, can I really deny myself Bruce Willis?! Oh man…I’m going to have to do some money juggling in the very near future…

  • Sergio Quinones

    That’s amazing a cool Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson figure, even though its part of the G.I Joe Retaliation line. It’s amazing to finally have “The Rock” as a Hot Toy. That is great buy!

  • Lantern Lad

    Two words: Cobra Commander

  • JSAkid

    I love the Zartan, absolutely perfect, he may not be Retaliation line but he will look great next to the must have Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow. I’d love to have em all as good as they look but the ninjas come 1st. I just wish they’d have put the red cobra emblem on Storm Shadow, it always looked great off to the side on his white kimono. They showed Destro getting his classic metal face at the end of the 1st movie, and Firefly the saboteur in his grey camo in the trailer for the new movie, with Ray Stephenson’s face underneath the mask he’d be perfect!!! Please make Destro & Firefly.

  • Damon

    Can’t WAIT for Roadblock gonna order 2!! & I guess I’ll get Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow too lol

  • Damon

    Actually……..a Ray Stevenson Firefly would kick ultimate………..well you know!!

  • Andrew Pierce

    Yo the costumes for this movie look so awesome! Whenever I watch the trailer all I think about is the cool toys that they could make with this series.

  • Wonder Woman lover

    It’s really too bad they didn’t try to make the franchise closer to the 80′s cartoon. Really has potential to be one of the best franchises out there. Perhaps in a future reboot.

  • Mark Phillips

    What about Jinx or Lady Jaye? Need more strong female figures. Firefly would REALLY be cool!!

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