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2012 Year in Review

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Month's Highlights

From horror to superheroes, Sideshow launched into 2012 in typical fashion by wrapping up the 12 Days of Sideshow. The standout announcements from that event included our exciting collaboration with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro for the films “Splice” and “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.” Plus, DC fans around the world thrilled to a video offering teasing glimpses of classic Justice League members.

And, of course, the year’s first pre-orders treated collectors from such diverse genres as video games, Marvel Comics, and Star Wars. The Isaac Clarke Statue paved the way as our inaugural offering from the Dead Space games. The Magik Comiquette brought a satisfying level of sexy macabre to our line of Marvel statues. And the S.T.A.P. and Battle Droid Sixth Scale Vehicle and Figure Set generated a great deal of buzz among fans of that galaxy far, far away.

Month's Highlights

The pre-orders rolled on into February, which turned into a mighty Marvel month. With fans chomping at the bit for the upcoming Avengers movie, Hot Toys delivered some excitement with their first Avengers release, the Nick Fury Sixth Scale Figure. And Sideshow kept the Marvel momentum going, rolling out pre-orders in multiple formats with the Black Widow – Scarlett Johansson Premium Format Figure from Iron Man 2, as well as the Dark X-Men Diorama and the Daredevil Life-Size Bust.

And there was no lack of love in February for Sideshow’s sci-fi valentines. Everyone’s favorite Twi’lek Jedi came to the table in the form of the Aayla Secura Premium Format Figure. We entered an all-new arena with the Real Steel Atom Life-Size Bust. Our Alien offerings multiplied with the Alien Warrior Statue. And as an Alien deterrent, Alien VS Predator fans were given a chance to own the Bone Grill Predator Mask Prop Replica. (To be worn by Predators only. Not humans.)

Month's Highlights

In the third month of the year, Sideshow marched in like a lion with the thrilling high-stakes giveaways of March Madness: Heroes Versus Villains. Rabid fans threw themselves into the pool for a chance to predict the outcomes of round after round of battles royale – and for the chance to win exciting prizes. Hero vied against hero while villain contested with villain in various virtual match-ups, until only a diminutive Jedi and a towering Sith remained...

Amidst the Madness, the pre-orders were as many and varied as changes in the weather. Horror aficionados received a double-dose of terror with the Freddy Krueger Premium Format Figure from A Nightmare On Elm Street and the Frozen Dead Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Originals line, The Dead. Marvel pre-orders went into overtime with the release of four new collectibles, including the Storm Premium Format Figure, the Wolverine Legendary Scale Figure, the Iron Man Mark VI Legendary Scale Bust, and the second Avengers release from Hot Toys – the Hawkeye Sixth Scale Figure.

Month's Highlights

Spring sprang into Sideshow with the launch of the new Sideshow Experience website, an ongoing showcase for sharing our creative endeavors, personal expressions, and meaningful relationships developed throughout Sideshow’s continuing journey. The site effectively heralded the coming of the all-new Star Wars Mythos line of interpretive statues. Featuring memorable characters in moments outside of the films, the Mythos line explores untold intergalactic tales from a long time ago.

Speaking of Star Wars, April brought with it a pair of Clones for collectors to acquire – the Captain Rex Premium Format Figure, and the Commander Neyo Sixth Scale Figure. Adding to that the long-awaited addition of the Tusken Raider Sixth Scale Figure made for a tidy trifecta of Star Wars goodness. The perfect way to set the stage for next month ... and the Star Wars fans’ holiest of days...

Month's Highlights

May the 4th be with you! Sideshow swung into action to celebrate the Star Wars holiday with our own special online event. It will be a day long-remembered, especially for the lucky collector who walked away with a Darth Maul Life Size Bust. Fans got a tantalizing preview of the C-3PO and R2-D2 Premium Format Figure Set.

Collectors pre-ordered the Darth Maul Mythos Statue – the first release in our new series of Star Wars collectibles. And with the upcoming Hobbit movie mere months away, the ominous Dark Rider of Mordor Premium Format Figure carried echoes of an ancient evil onto our pre-order pages.

Month's Highlights

Summer heated things up early at Sideshow, as our online coverage of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con began. Our web team worked diligently, doling out prizes, posting previews, levying discounts, and otherwise generating the level of excitement that’s come to be expected from everyone’s favorite annual pop culture convention.

The release of The Reaper - Death’s General Legendary Scale Figure – a collaborative effort with our friends at The Gore Group – delivered Sideshow’s line of original products from The Dead into an exciting new format. C-3PO and R2-D2 led a slew of Star Wars products that went up for order, Hot Toys re-entered the Batman arena with an all-new Batpod, and multiple Marvel pieces rode the wave created by the silver screen debut of The Avengers.

Month's Highlights

Sideshow’s presence at the San Diego Comic Con seems to grow with every passing year, and SDCC 2012 was no exception. In addition to our continued online Comic-Con coverage, July saw us launching our longest-running giveaway to date in the form of our Win A Geek’s Retreat To Comic-Con 2013 contest. Fans flocked to the Sideshow booth in droves to get a glimpse of the scores of collectibles on display. Star Wars fans were thrilled to see a Padawan Obi-wan Kenobi Sixth Scale Figure, and to catch their first look of the Star Wars Mythos lineup. Comics fans stopped to ogle our first DC Comics Legendary Scale Figure – Catwoman – as well as the prototypes for a new line of DC Sixth Scale figures.

Month's Highlights

With a record-setting summer heating up most of the U.S., Star Wars Celebration VI might very well have been partially to blame. And with so many fans of the Force flocking to Florida, we couldn’t help but deliver a celebration of our own. We gave away a pair of bounty hunters, delivered our Celebration Exclusive Clone Commander Ganch Sixth Scale Figure, and put our titanic Darth Malgus Life Size Figure up for pre-order.

Pre-orders for the month included video game-themed Premium Format Figures from Halo (Combat Evolved Anniversary) and Mass Effect, yet another Predator mask, and Cobra’s mercurially-aligned ninja went up for sale in the form of the dynamic Storm Shadow statue from our G.I. Joe line.

Month's Highlights

With autumn on the horizon, Sideshow unveiled the new Sideshow Classics line of collectibles. Sideshow Classics promises to lend a more refined quality to favorite pop culture characters through the use of bronze. And for a more affordable alternative, a series of cold-cast bronze statues will also be offered – starting with the Marvel Cold-Cast Bronze Statues. The Wolverine Cold-Cast Bronze Statue was the first to go up for pre-order.

We also took a giant leap forward with the development of a light-up lightsaber for the Padawan Obi-wan Sixth Scale Figure, which went up for pre-order. Our Disney line got some love with the release of an all-new Captain Jack Sparrow Premium Format Figure. And we continued to roll out the Star Wars Mythos pieces with the pre-order for the Gammorean Executioner – an all-new original character that we proudly contributed to the Star Wars galaxy!

Month's Highlights

Spooktacular! As usual, or most interactive event of the year brought thrills to Sideshow fans worldwide, as we delivered our customary discounts and giveaways. Online contests were rampant on our Spooktacular page as well Spooky specials lay in wait throughout the Sideshow website.

In the spirit of the season, the creative minds at Sideshow revealed the thrilling tale behind our latest piece from The Dead: The Transformation of Jack The Ripper Premium Format Figure. Featuring an otherworldly interpretation of The Ripper’s motives and ultimate fate, this scary story sent chills down our collective spine!

Month's Highlights

In the wake of Spooktacular, we introduced fans to our partners at Imaginary Friends Studios in Singapore via an interview on Sideshow Experience. We spiced up the interview with a look at the gorgeous IFS concept art for the forthcoming Harley Quinn and Catwoman Premium Format Figures.

And with pre-orders from Star Wars, Diablo, Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem, and Terminator, we offered something to appeal to pretty much everyone. Even paleontological fans were treated to something with the pre-order of the Dilophosaurus Maquette from our Dinosauria line.

Month's Highlights

To close out the year, Sideshow decked the halls with announcements galore, as we heralded upcoming lines from The Hobbit and Man of Steel. A variant version of our Angel Comiquette, clad in red, flew onto our pre-order pages. And on Christmas Day, the annual 12 Days of Sideshow event was once more underway, carrying us through to the end of the year ... and on to 2013!

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2012 was full of exciting product announcements, collectible releases, news, and events! Collectibles from fan favorite licenses such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and more came out in full force for fans to grab for their shelves. While Sideshow's popular San Diego Comic-Con and Spooktacular events gave collectors a look into the past, present, and future of Statues, Sixth Scale Figures, Premium Format Figures, Prop Replicas of their favorite movie, comic book, video game characters, and much more!

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  • Spooktacular 2012! - discounts, giveaways, Mistress fortunes, new collectible reveals, and more!
  • Sauron Premium Format Figure goes on Pre-Order

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