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Sound Off: What is/are the theme(s) of your collection?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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What is/are the theme(s) of your collection?


Clone troopers! – Savanna K.

My theme? Iconic film characters that I love. - Jeffrey R.


Common element – they all have to be badass collectibles! – Kool Kollectibles


No theme here, other than sixth-scale figures, and expanding my sixth-scale universe with whatever I can afford. I like diversity in my collection: creatures, critters, celebrities, heroes, villains, male, female, tall, short, skinny, buff, fat, every color, and every race; to include everything from cheap-ass Power Team Elite to out-of-your-F’n-mind expensive Hot Toys. – Jason N.

Various. Lord of the Rings, video games, Disney, Star Wars, DC…  - Melchior D.S.M.


Select sixth-scale figures from a variety of favorite licenses. (Select except for Lord of the Rings, which I think I would buy any of, if the likeness and final quality is there) – Jeremy S.


To start only Adam Hughes’ ladies then Mark Brooks and now quarter-scale DC Joker, Bat and Ivy :-)
So girls and Batman :-D – Johnny K.


Was Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Unfortunately LotR became a house deposit for a family home, and a Sideshow Star Wars display room of loveliness.
And some na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN. - Aid R.


Batman, Avengers, Superman, then Predators, Terminator, Spider-Man and Tron. I’ve only just started, Hot Toys are my heroin lol. – Peteleaney


Comics and games – Murdead


Star Wars! – Michael M., Jeremy H., Albor T., Kevin R., and many more!


Premium Format Marvel, DC, popular video game and movies. – Liju D.


Characters from my favorite movies to match my movie posters on my wall. Also my G.I. Joe figures.  - Julian S.


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  • Bruno

    Star Wars and Street Fighter premium formats

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    Before most of us were born there was a Humphrey Bogart film called “The Maltese Falcon” and the last word in the film is my theme. When asked by the female lead what the statue of the falcon was, Bogie answered “The thing that dreams are made of.” That is the central theme of my collection. I have it in large letter across my Film moire room which shows scenes from Lord of the Ring, Star Wars, Batman and others. Film is the record of what we and the world dream of when reality is just too much to bear, it is truly the thing that dreams are made of as is Sideshow. Sideshow is nothing less than the artists that give us our dreams and let us leave reality. It is also one of the few things that translates in all languages and cultures and brings us together.

  • a u t o b o t

    TRANSFORMERS, MOTU, AVP, LOTR, Alien, Predator, Marvel, DC, Comics, Cartoons, Games, and many more!
    Statues, 1/6, PF, Maquettes, Dioramas, Busts, LSB, Prop Replicas..ouf tired

  • EricFoss

    I would like to begin an exclusive 1/6-scale Star Wars Old Republic theme, but Sideshow has to help me out. Things look promising with the upcoming 1/6-scale Darth Malgus, but they have to step it up. I still need Bane, Revan, Malak, Ordo, Bastila, T3-M4, Nadd, Sadow, Holt, Zannah snd, most importantly, my game character for The Old Republic, Rathious. Thanks…

  • Nick Furman (The Monster)

    Sound Off: What is/are the theme(s) of your collection?

    Universal Monsters Collectibles by Sideshow Collectibies

  • Dante

    All-Things Spider-Man !!!!

  • Dale C

    Star wars 1/6sithsssssssss

  • David Montanez

    Star wars Original trilogy figures and environment.

  • Ken Dabrowski

    Mainly old school Star Wars, and Indiana Jones!

  • Noel

    Where is the HORROR stuff?

  • Rebecca

    Selective Superheroes, James Bond, Star Trek, Star Wars, some Gi Joe.

    Mostly I love to find any African American
    scifi action figures, from Land of the lost, Space 1999, Star
    Trek, Dc, Marvel , and other fantasy or movie themes.
    They are few, and far between, but my collection of them
    is growing.

  • John J.T

    I do always keep to themes,1st —-The HULK….. Started w/World War Hulk Excl. Diorama..Hooked from there.
    -AVENGERS..All hot Toys and Any prem Formats I can afford, Hulk on it’s way soon ;-D
    -TERMINATOR….. Premium Format, & Hot Toys.
    And QTR scale Maquettes of them upon affordability,Have Several..SKAAR the Heaviest in at over40 lbs, BUT THAT’s the Best Way to do these BigGuys. –Avengers’ HULK on it’s way soon.LOOKS AWESOMELY ACURATE In the Pics Online.I shop SideShow before anywhere for my Figure Collection Needs & Hopes!


    My theme, SPIDERMAN, have been reading comics for 30 yrs and collecting. Sideshow got me hooked on the life size bust of spiderman years ago. Been hooked since and broke of course. 1000SQFT basement now my BIG man cave, so where is my 1/2 scale spiderman?????

  • Michael Copley

    Wow, hopefully Fin Fang Foom possesses him!

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