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A Sneak Peek Of Some Hot Toys Collectibles For 2013!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hot Toys has shared a sneak peek of a few projects slated for 2013! What are you most looking forward to seeing?

Hot Toys 2013 Sneak Peek Photo

  • Redd

    Iron Man!!! Yes! Another one to add to the collection

  • Adam

    Is that Conan O’Brien on the far right?

  • Heather

    Where’s Coulson? That’s the one I want.

  • Darth Pikachu

    ED-209 reissue! (Hopefully, with improved canopy.)

  • http://How-I-roll.com Tillman Smoot

    I really want TheBat in 1/6 scale, just so I can say I have that monster. Coulson, Bane, Catwoman, Black Widow.

    I would like to see Lucious Fox, Alfred, Ra’s Al Ghul, Scarecrow and Blake figure so we could get some more of the Nolan Batman trilogy characters.

  • Laura

    The Bat, and the Joker from Arkham City

  • CJ

    They are making the 1/12 BAT!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! Bring the 1/6 to us plz!!!!!

  • mike m

    where are the predators ,and aliens ,the queen ?

    ill take a mortal kombat license please

  • Daniel Vavrecka

    Robocop Figures !!!

  • http://SS Alex R.

    Prometheus figures ???!!!!!:)???

  • http://priteshnanalalpatel.blogspot.in Pritesh Patel

    Wow!!! What a collection….I can see a Bat vehicle waiting for me.

  • http://midnightview.blogspot.com/ Lochan

    I see Iron man!! I agree they need the 1/6 bat not the 1/12!!!

  • Jason Legate

    Is that an Iron Man III Tony Stark on suit up platform I see?! Seems only right since we got a mech tech Tony Stark!

  • Adilson Martir

    Whatt!?! i see two terminator t-800′s one on the left and one on the right im an huge Terminator fan so cant wait to get my hands on those!!! The sculpts keeps getting better and better!! The t-800 on the left looks big though damn..

  • http://www.lanshack.com/QuickTreX-VoiceData-Splitter-Pair-P1564C560.aspx Jerry

    Did anyone notice Mark Ruffalo’s Banner?
    A must have for me.

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