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Featured Collector: Devin Boyce

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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Devin Boyce

Location: McKinleyville, California

His Collection

I started collecting the limited/collectors’ editions of video games when I bought the Halo 3 Legendary Edition nearly 6 years ago. I slowly started buying what I could with the money I had while I worked two jobs and went to school. Since then I have expanded my collection with statues and pieces that are outside of the video game universe.

His Favorite Collectibles

My favorite collectors’ edition would have to be the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition which they only made 1000 of and are very hard to find these days. As far as statues go I truly love my Jessica Rabbit Exclusive Edition from Sideshow! That statue is a masterpiece.

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  • hidefninja

    Great collection bud, thanks for sharing.

  • Matthew

    That shelf holding those 7 Xbox 360′s looks like it’s about to go any minute.

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