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HTBAP: The Last Stand of Snake Eyes and Timber

Saturday, February 9, 2013

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While playing with ideas for posing the new Snake Eyes With Timber Sixth Scale Figure set, my first thought was to go with the obvious – Snake Eyes and Timber tearing up a couple of ninjas. And why not? When I think of G.I. Joe, mostly my thoughts are of the comic books, with Snake Eyes locking blades with various Cobra ninjas.

But ninjas aren’t sissies. They don’t go down easy. They die hard, and they’ll take an enemy with them if they can. If Snake Eyes kills a few ninjas, he’s going to have to earn it.

With that in mind, I thought, what if Snake Eyes didn’t win? What if the outcome wasn’t assured? What would that look like?

I decided to create a sort of diorama using Snake Eyes, Timber, and a pair of Black Dragon Ninjas. If I did it right, I decided, it would have the look and feel of the climactic panel of a comic book.

I gave Snake Eyes an off-balance posture. I wanted everything about the pose to reflect determination coupled with desperation. The pistol in his left hand is empty, with the magazine half-ejected. That same hand is entangled by a Kyoketsu-Shoge, wielded by a Black Dragon Ninja whose pose was inspired by Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat games. The Ninja’s sword is mid-stroke, while Snake Eyes’ own sword is just coming out of its scabbard. Will Snake Eyes be quick enough to block the Ninja’s killing blow?

As formidable as the exclusive “snarling” portrait of Timber is, he looks even more ferocious with something clamped in his jaws. At first glance, Timber looks like he has the upper hand, having tackled a Ninja and gotten a grip on his sword arm. But this Ninja has a back-up plan in his left hand. Things aren’t looking good for Snake Eyes’ wolf companion.

Don’t worry. Snake Eyes and Timber have been in this situation dozens of times, I’m sure they’ll pull through. But inserting a moment hinting that they might be making their last stand makes the battle so much more interesting.


Stay tuned for more from Terry on How to Be A Poser!

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  • Al Fig

    When can we expect a Hot Toys Batman DX 12 posing lesson? It’s impossible to pose that thing without feeling like its gonna snap.

  • YT

    Great pictures! I love the poses!

  • Adilson Martir

    This pose have given my so much ideas.. i collect most terminator figures at the moment and i already have a great idea in my head to pose my terminators in an epic battle situation. But love this pose of the ninja’s it brings so much diversity to just pose the figures next to each other! Great pose!!

  • Scott Armstrong

    I love these columns and I loved G.I. Joe as a kid. Might have to start collecting these!

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