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Featured Collector: Ricardo Sánchez

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Ricardo Sánchez

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

His Collection

I’ve been collecting for about 5 years. I like to collect every kind of figure, but my favorites are Hot Toys and Sideshow Premium Format statues!!


He’s Looking Forward To

I’m waiting to pre-order the Superman Premium Format Figure!

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  • Adilson Martir

    That big figure on the right side below is that duke nukem or phaul phoenix from the tekken series? Or maybe a figure from the streetfighter series? Uhm.. i think he is from streetfighter.. that is the only fighting game that i haven’t been playing much..

  • Pablo

    Felicidades Ricardo!

  • Tom

    Adilson, that figure your asking about is Gyle from Street Fighter, which is really awesome and I wish I had!

    I am also loving the Punisher on the top right. His setup is really nice but I have noticed it mostly chicks though. Not enough testosterone in that display for me. And whats up with the nude one.

  • rene alcazar montaño

    hola! amigo oye estaba biendo en sideshow tu coleccion y me gustaria saber como le ases para comprarlos,y traerlos a mexico o quien te los envia? porque yo se los tengo que encargar a un primo que vive en california y me gustaria saver como le ases tu, espero tu respuesta,saludos!!

  • ricardo sanchez

    I buy through ebay. My collection is bigger now. I’m sending new pics soon

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