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Something Classic Is Coming Your Way Soon!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can you guess who/what it is?

Collectible Guess

  • KB

    Holding an Ant-Man helmet? Ultron? (not my area of expertise of the Marvel Universe)

  • Damon

    just changed my shorts from the Darth mythos…and now this!?!? ‘nother pair of shorts down…..Sideshow, your killing me!…wife is gonna wonder what is going on!!!….

  • matt

    It be Ultron…plotting to eliminate us flawed humans

  • Madison

    Ultron is coming…

  • B Smith

    First clue: Marvel logo
    Second clue: helmet is ant man
    Possible clue: Ant Man is supposed to one of the movies rolling out as part of Phase II leading to Avengers II.
    Possible Clue: We know that in previous Marvel movies, a future Avengers cast member makes an appearance/cameo.
    MY Conclusion: Someone (or something?) who will appear in Iron Man 3! :)

  • Esteban

    It’s Ant-Man

  • T.

    guess who…. “200120_UltronThrone_3823.jpg”

    very difficult…

  • Ralphie

    Ultron holding Ant-Man’s Helmet.From the back though this looks to be the more modern Ultron 18.Have to wait for the full reveal.How about Female Ultron from The Mighty Avengers #2.

  • Ozan

    Obviously Ultron but which line? hope its Comiquette

  • Sandra

    with Marvel’s Age of Ultron coming soon, yeah I guess this makes sense :)

  • carny

    I wonder……Woman ?

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