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Sound Off: How do you share your collection?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

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How do you share your collection?


In educational programs all over the city of Chicago and in my own mini-museum where visitors get to ask questions about the way they interface with pop culture. – David C.


My collection is so special to me that it remains with my home in the safety of a child-free zone. Many friends come over and admire it though! – Elli C.


I share my toys on Instagram and bring them to life through toy photography: Instagram/mossallthetime. – Timothy Y.

I don’t really, I can’t even admire it. There is just so much that they are pretty much all in their boxes. I do have a select few in a display cabinet. I take some people in my collectible room and they are blown away with the quantity. They say it’s like watching the TV show hoarders. lol – Nick E.


Keep my collection safely behind glass…away from sun dust and little fingers but everyone in my family can go in and enjoy… It’s not off limits to anyone for now. I also love sharing pics on Shadow and Flame and Sideshow Freaks forums – Etienne F.


I’ve just started on a project to dedicate a room to my collection, shelves, bookcases, and all my cool stuff. Topping it off with a window door so all can see in and admire. – Dave L.


I share my collection on the Sideshow Freaks and The Shadow & Flame boards…great places to be. : ) – Bill D.


Working in an office in my house makes it tricky for a lot of folks to see it, except at parties, etc. But I enjoy them every day, so it’s still fine by me! – Jeremy S.


Anyone who comes near my collection gets a punch to the throat. – Brian S.


My collection is in display cases for family and friends to see and for us to ogle!! – Lori M.


I don’t… I don’t even let people into that room…. ALL MINE… PRECIOUS… – Jay M.


LOL!! On as many platforms as possible ;) - Kool Kollectibles

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  • Manuela

    With photos online. I don’t allow people to come too close to my precious things

  • Mye Rojano

    My collectibles use to be on display in my home until my daughter was born. She opened some of my mint condition collectibles saying she wanted to play with them. As for the rest, are now safely stored in boxes in the 4 closets and storage room in my home. When she is older, I hope to take them out again. But she has to be ALOT older.

  • http://dimic.be/ Ikaryas

    I love to talk about our collectibles and take nice pictures of them. So I share them on my blog of crazyness.
    DIMIC: Did I Mention that I’m Crazy?

  • http://www.collectionstash.com Tyler C

    I share my collection on Collection Stash http://www.collectionstash.com/stash/SomethingSexy

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    For me it’s simple, life is real and complicated but fantasy is that safe place where the imagination soars. Sideshow and years of collecting is that magic place for me. If someone wishes to know what I dream they have only to visit my Sideshow room. It is so much more than simply collecting, it’s sharing.

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    I think Sideshow needs a catch phrase to describe what you are all about. I remember the signature line from “The Maltese Falcon” when Bogie says about the black bird, “It’s the thing that dreams are made of.” That’s what sideshow is to me and it says everything one needs to know about you and your dream makers.

  • Juna

    At our home we treat the high end collectibles like a library. The kids (age 7 and 9) are allowed to check items out and create displays in their bedroom. Currently their little display is worth around $1200. When they get tired of their display, they repackage the figs and bots and take new ones. This is from a mix of sideshow, hot toys and 3A.

  • Adilson Martir

    My collection is standing above the closet that i have in the training room for workout. So they are standing high and in a safe position. I always enjoy them when i work out my muscles and everybody else that comes by my training room. I am moving in a year or two and im definitely considering putting them behind glass to keep them safe permanently. My clothes that i need for my work are in the closet where my figures are on so i always get destracted when im putting those clothes on to get to work forcing my to come late to work sometimes LOL.

  • Rebecca

    One big room in the basement. Shelves not glass
    Enclosures I open everything , so all are welcome to
    to enjoy my collection.
    My only rules, put it back in place, and do not break


    I dont, I only show to friends and family, dont want to let the whole world know I have 100s of thousands in my basement=0)

  • https://www.facebook.com/Swfilamgirl Mye Rojano

    I posted previously that I kept my collection in a closet. But now, I finally created public facebook page to display my collectibles (https://www.facebook.com/Swfilamgirl). Now both family and other fellow collectors can view my collection. I have met many cool collectors this way. All now welcome to view.

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