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Kneel Before Ultron!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ultron returns!

The rogue sentient robot is bent on conquering humanity, and your collection. This time we’ve given him his classic look – and his own throne.

At 1:5 scale, our Classic Ultron is over a foot tall seated on his elaborate throne and features a striking adamantium paint application with bold red accents.

The regular and Exclusive versions of Classic Ultron on Throne Comiquette will feature the maniacal baddie holding Ant-Man’s head in his right hand.


The Exclusive version will also include an additional switch out right hand, holding Vision’s head (below).

Both the regular and Exclusive versions of this piece will be priced at $349.99.

The Exclusive Classic Ultron on Throne Comiquette will be available for Pre-Order in the weekly Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, February 28th, 2013, which is typically published between 2PM and 3PM (Pacific Time).

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  • Classic Ultron on Throne Polystone Statue
  • Classic Ultron on Throne Polystone Statue
  • Chad Mcneely

    Holy Crow that is a beauty! Very Very tempting.

  • Mike

    I love him!

  • xYx

    If only the final product comes out near as nice as the proto…

  • Jack Burton

    Light up eyes?
    Looks great, like the ex head too.
    Keep’em coming Sideshow.

  • Adilson Martir

    WOW definately WOW. I Kneel Before you Ultron. I won’t spend to much words on this UltimatuM. Enough Said.

  • http://sideshow Raymond Barrett

    Really starting to look amazing.
    I wonder if it will have a light up feature.
    A sure winner.

  • James

    Absolutely awesome!! I can’t even control the excitement! Thursday can’t get here fast enough…. Going to be a great addition to the collection.

  • Sandro

    1:5 scale? really? what a mistake

  • Dennis

    wow I love Ultron I collect mostly horror and sci fi now but i think he
    could be classified in that group, very interested, I also hope he has
    light up eyes.

  • Droopy

    Wow…another person bashing the scale. How original.

  • zrinzo

    This is so incredible awesome. It’s a sign for avengers movie? Anyway, it’s another piece of art.

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