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Sound Off: Does your collection display stay the same year round, or do you change it up every once in a while?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Does your collection display stay the same year round, or do you change it up every once in a while?


I change it up as I acquire a new piece, or if I’m bored with how I currently have it staged. Another reason to change is if I’m inspired by looking at other people’s collections. -Robert G.


Change to whatever is the “theme” of the year (Green Lantern, Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, etc.). Will likely change things up this year with Star Trek, Man of Steel. - Peter P.


Stays the same. Although we just moved and my wife actually gave me a spot in the living room to display some of my collection. Have to love a woman that supports my collecting sickness. – Ryan A.

Always changing. Either you get bored of whatever pose or position your stuff is in, or you get tons of new stuff and you want to make sure you get it placed somewhere everyone will see it. – Jesse C.


It is in a state of constant change, as I add wonderful new LOTR pieces to it as they become available…and also some older creations which I missed out on the first time round. That’s just he way I like it. : ) - Bill D.


Changes every time I get something new. I make it a tradition for all the figures to have a welcoming party whenever a new member joins the family. They hate it when I make them eat cake… Nonetheless I’ll always remind them that I love them all. – Rino R.


Lord of the Rings and Star Wars 1/6 figures stay the same, and then others ranging from Monty Python to Hot Toys Iron Man are in rotation every 6 months or so. – Jeremy S.


I leave them all the same, as they are broken up by affiliation, and hero/villain. I only change the order if a new piece comes in, and they need to be next to somebody. Kinda like scarlet witch next to vision, Antman/Goliath/giant man/yellow jacket together. – Claudia and Mike M.


It stays the same for the most part. I like the figures the way they are, better not mess around with it too much. – Thomas T.


If certain statues pertain to a season then I’ll make it the focal point. – Adam G.

I always place my in progress custom figures up front as a reminder to continue working on them. This way I can assure my collection always looks in top form. – Paul G.


Collection is larger than the display space, so I rotate every so often to show off new acquisitions or new lines. – Justin S.


I repose my 1:6 scale figures every now and then. That’s about all the change there is,until I add another figure. – Joe G.


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  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    My collection is a living environment and always in flux. Each display tells a story and weaves a fabric of fantasy.


    It changes constantly as I’m always getting new product from Sideshow.

  • Jason Legate

    My displays are always changing, one from additions (usually from Sideshow LOL) and two because I like to make use of the accessories to change up poses etc.


    I have to change every couple of months or so to dust, those statues not in cases, and try to figure out where to put things as my statue purchases get bigger!!

  • Mark Rouse

    My Sixth scales pretty much stay the same since I can’t afford a bunch since I take care of Mom, but my Movie posters are always changing

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