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Beware our power, Green Lantern’s light!

Monday, March 4, 2013

In brightest day, in blackest night
No evil shall escape our sight!

We’ve made some minor updates to Hal since you last saw him, and are proud to present the finished piece.

Psst…did you notice the newly added light up features? We think they’re pretty slick.


The Green Lantern Premium Format Figure is available now in the links below and will be shipping soon!

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  • cdrc

    i wait!!!!

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    Been waiting for this one. What a fantastic Green Lantern!

  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    Just a thought but I much prefer when you have a plug in option for power. Batteries run out and I enjoy having my sculptures lit all the time.

  • Bob Coates

    The whole pose is a win, and the construct base and fist is kick ass as well.

  • Daniel

    Beautiful piece, may have to look into getting this.

  • Reppe

    I must agree with an electrical plug for anything that can light up. Batteries get tiresome.
    Had to order the EX, why go half way?

  • Ash Esa

    Hmm.. might give a second thought on ordering this.. light up ring looks cool..

  • Richard

    Nice to see the lantern symbol on the ring.

  • Michel

    I was already excited about this statue, and now we get a light-up ring to boot? Can’t wait to see him in person. Hopefully, we can get a few more members of the Green Lantern Corps like Guy Gardner and Jon Stewart. And, all due respect to Verne, I’m in favor of batteries. I have waaaay too many wires running behind my cabinet as is.

  • johnny

    im still aiting on confirmation it is 1/4 scale. it looks smaller to me. haven’t preordered due to this setback. anyone?

  • Sergio Candelas

    You guys just made my day. I pre-ordered this piece the first day it came out…..but I remember thinking to myself….”I wish the fist and ring lit up”. Sideshow…..You guys just made that dream come true today!!! So happy I pre-ordered this piece. You guys rock!!!!

  • http://Sideshow Ace

    I pre ordered it since it came out. It will look amazing next to Superman and Batman. The light up feature is the perfect!. I agree, why a plug?. I display my statues behind a glass cabinet and wires just make a messy look. So thanks Sideshow you rock!

  • BJG

    Absolutely wonderful!! You guys are the best!! Thanks!

  • Lars

    What’s going on with sideshow’s premium formate figure. Yes, O.k. the figure in general looks nice, but not even a single clothing on it, as far as I can see. a complete casted figure. Wasn’t premium formate in the former quality with clothing stuff and seperate details ?

  • 78jram

    I just got mine EX!

  • Greg Bowden

    Hi guys. I have to say that is the statue I’ve been waiting for nearly all my life to own! My question is this: I’m writing from Australia, where I ordered this statue through an Australian supplier’s website (, and wanted to know which of the statues created will be shipped out to them to post to me? I’d ordered this when it first appeared on their website (which would be very close to when you would have announced that it was being made) and am very anxiously looking forward to receiving this fantastic piece of comic art (and a big piece of my childhood, too)!

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