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Featured Collector: Joseph Kelly

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Joseph Kelly

I have been collecting Star Wars figures for years, but when Sideshow started producing The Militaries of Star Wars clones things started getting crazy!

Featured Collector: Joseph Kelly

His Collection

At the moment I have more than 30 Sideshow Sixth Scale Star Wars figures. With the exception of a few Sith; Vader, Maul, and Asajj, the rest are clone troopers (still waiting on Echo & Fives ARC troopers!)

I am also a huge Batman fan! Hot Toys has me hooked with their DX line and I already have Sideshow’s Sixth Scale of The Joker on Pre-Order. Can’t wait for Bats, Catwoman and Harley, and I’ll probably snag Superman as well!

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    Thanks SIDESHOW! I LOVE my toys!

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