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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It’s our Superman Premium Format Figure!

Up, up and away!

We brought the legendary Man of Steel to life with his iconic costume, featuring a tailored fabric suit and sculpted billowing cape. He stands over two feet tall, set on a frozen Fortress of Solitude themed base.


The Exclusive Superman Premium Format Figure, available only through our website, will include an additional switch out portrait with heat vision eyes (shown bottom right).


Both the regular and Exclusive versions of Superman will be priced at $399.99.

The Exclusive Superman Premium Format Figure will be available for Pre-Order in the weekly Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, March 28th, 2013, which is typically published between 2PM and 3PM (Pacific Time).

  • Richard

    This looks amazing!!!

  • Tyler

    This looks ridiculous! A must have that is for sure!

  • Kent McCaman

    Is this Superman premium format figure entirely cold-cast porcelain, with no articulation, and no cloth costume? I prefer a cold-cast statue with no articulation or cloth costume. It’s less “doll-like”.

  • Brandon

    Nice, I really hope that the eyes light up. That would be bad ass!

  • Kevin

    The costume is cloth except his cape, belt and boots.

  • Filip

    I’ll be ready on Thursday. What a great looking statue!

  • yardman

    i need to see more classic characters in the pf line..hi sideshow any chance of a michael myers pf or a snake plisskin please please give me an answer thankyou sideshow..

  • buzzybean

    Cape is too long and a bit over-the-top but the rest looks incredible.

  • Derek Osburn

    Hmm…I will have just enough left from taxes to get this.

  • Ralphie

    Really-Really been waiting for this.The re-work on the head sculpt and the base look real nice.I’ll be PO this next week,can’t wait.

  • Joe

    I like it, except the base does not look like ice. Could they make clear and crystal looking.

  • paul

    needs a light up crystal base

  • paul

    needs a light up crystal base and red pants look a litle to large on the hips ??

  • John

    Looks awesome my only issue is the length of the red undies. In her first pic they look like they are too high on his torso. Like old man up over the belly button.

  • John

    I think one belt width lower would be better. So if the top of he belt was where the bottom currently is.

  • John

    Between this and the recent Star Wars Mythos announcements I’m going to go broke. Amazing!

  • Moses

    Superman is my all time favourite character. I love collecting statues but will probably give this one a miss. I dont like cloth costumes on any of my statues. To me it makes the piece look cheap and doll like. Very dissapointed :(

  • Sombat Meksyphet

    Wow! This piece looks fantastic! To me it looks like a cross between two of my favorite variants. A blend of an older mature Christopher Reeve and a younger Alex Ross version. I love it!

  • jeric

    nice nice nice! want to get one. too bad its hard to get in the philippines :(

  • Jim Elliott

    SideShow has really done will with Superman! The Superman 1:1 bust looks great and this does too! Both are MUST HAVES! This will definitely the best Superman statue ever made!

    Two very slight criticisms: the base (why is he standing looking so SUPER in his fortress) and the cape (too big).

  • Sergio Candelas

    I love it!!! A definite must for the collection. Was the missing “S” on the cape rectified. Or will it come with no “S”

  • Sergio Candelas

    In reading the other comments, maybe a more crystal-like base would look cooler. More icy. Awesome nonetheless.

  • Dan

    I wish there was more pictures without the smoke and color effect .

  • Mr.Majestic

    I really hope you guys decide to include that conceptual art piece you had @ San Diego Comic-Con with him on the back side of that giant billboard (that would make an epic art piece exclusive!) just saying…

  • Max Power

    No pictures of his back??? Wondering if they went ahead and added the Super S to his cape. Everyone at Comic Con wanted this figure to have it and so do I. Although still waiting for a Christopher Reeve PF, that would have been better, in my opinion.

  • Michel

    This statue looks promising. I do wish Sideshow had shaved maybe 10 years off the portrait. He’s a textbook Alex Ross, which is a fine choice, but I always wanted a Superman in his late 20′s who looked fresh on the streets of Metropolis. I would enjoy that variant more than the heat vision exclusive.

  • Derek

    This looks amazing. The only thing I dont like about it is his red cloth undershorts. With some premium figures they make the top or bottom half cloth. With this they should have just made the top cloth and leave the bottom solid.

  • kllel78

    Amazing!!! I will definitely be PO the exclusive! My only complaints would be the S should be bigger and higher up on his chest and the shorts look a tad baggy but minor disctractions to the overall majesticness of the piece. A must have for me!!!

  • Ian

    This is exactly the superman sculpt that I’ve always wanted to see! Just like the Alex Ross superman in amazingly vivid 3d detail. Everything from the bod-type to the seams on his costume are perfect. And I love the fortress of solitude base as well. Again, so well done.

  • Brandon

    When will we see the rest of the Justice League?

  • Jim Elliott

    Of course, without x-ray vision, one can’t see Superman’s “undershorts” since, by definition, they are under his exterior clothing. One can see Superman’s red trunks, which look great!

  • Moy Stark

    Just amazing!

  • John B

    Too cool…I want it now…glad it’s the classic Superman.

  • sylar

    thank god its not the 52 version!please don’t ever,ever make that!

  • Andrew Pierce

    Looks like an “Alex Ross” Superman. Has the legendary oldschool awesome feel to it. Can’t wait to see this one.

  • Nidal Khan

    This one is just something Sideshow should have made a long time back i feel this is the right time to hype up the Man of Steel. I love the Exclusive head cant wait to order this. Is the exclusive head Light Up? I love the Alex Ross version and this will just fit in right. Great Work Sideshow!

  • yardman

    without doubt the ultimate premium format..i only hope you guys fixed the s on the back of the cape..truly epic..

  • yardman

    once again sideshow love this pf but please also do more classics like michael myers and snake plisskin please please..

  • HEnry

    This will look great sitting next to the Batman PF. Can’t wait for both to be on my shelves!

  • alex

    Why ss? The ex head is horrible. I just wanted simple red eyes. I don’t like my superman with spaghetti coming out of his eyes. Please make those things removeable. No eyes would be better than what’s there now. Reg for me so far

  • Mannequin

    This will be my first ever free statue! I’ll be using all my points toward this for sure!!!

  • Jason

    Why couldnt you just have him with broken chains around his wrists insted of that. Isnt that supposed to be smoke rising up from his eyes ? Why is it red !!! Pure fail in my book the only way I would buy this is if I got a number 1 with an edition size of 250 or less.. Sorry SS I love 99% of your stuff but that just looks corny.

  • Don

    EX head is a disaster. The glow, flame or whatever it is supposed to be doesn’t work. Ruined a fabulous head sculpt. May just go for the regular version.

  • Ralphie

    The Flaming Worms coming out of Superman’s Eyes have started a RIOT over at SS Freaks.Everyone loves the EX Head Sculpt but the Flaming worms are not a big hit.Hopefully you can change this by time he ships in 2014.Or at least make them removable.It would have been better with just the Red Metallic looking Eye’s.Or if you would have made them more like a straight Laser coming down like he was getting ready to Blast something.No problem for me I’M still PO this Bad Boy Tomorrow.

  • Jedster

    Sideshow, please just red eyes. Please don’t put that ugly twizzler on the eyes please.

  • Ben

    Superman looks great, however, I’m having trouble with his heat vision eyes. Are those CGI around his eyes or did you sculpture some things around them?

  • http://Sideshow Ace

    Please please just red eyes ( like Gambit’s red eyes).

  • Mr. B

    Sideshow, please remove the red worms on the EX head. I love the EX headsculpt and the idea of the heat vision eyes but not the red worms.

  • florissen

    Sideshow, please just red eyes on Ex head. Please don’t put that ugly twizzler on the eyes please.

  • Max power

    So the consensus is no twisler eyes on the EX, the S to be higher on the chest, less grandpa looking shorts, perhaps a more crystal looking base, and lastly the S on the cape: all in all, I agree with all the suggestions,especially removing the red eyes twisler thing, the S on the chest up higher, and S on the cape. SSC I hope you are listening, the figure has to be 100% perfect–it’s Superman and must be done that way!

  • Matt

    So will the regular be available to pre-order today or just the exclusive? This scentence makes it sound like just the exclusive will be ready (which like everyone says sucks).
    “The Exclusive Superman Premium Format Figure will be available for Pre-Order in the weekly Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, March 28th, 2013″

  • Jim Elliott

    Regular version is perfect as is.

  • Danny

    Love it ! I was hoping the exclusive head was just going to have the red eyes . Not the “burning smoke ” coming out . I get it but it doesn’t look good.

  • Aaron

    I got my exclusive! My very 1st Sideshow purchase :). I think the smoke eyes are awesome! Very original. Gives it so much character. Now, have to wait until January :(

  • Andrew bee

    This is perfect. Please do not listen to the suggestions about the trunks and the chest s. Alex Ross’ superman is how superman should look. I can’t wait to get mine.

  • http://sideshow shabir hussain

    look amazing if you were to make it awesome a see threw resin base with light up will look nice, as for the figure it perfect pants look fine ex head is fine it don’t bother me s logo could be higher but it fine s on the back would give it more accuracy but it don’t bother me

  • thanh

    I ordered the ex. I’m hoping ssc will change the flames. Light up eyes would have been a better choice.

  • http://WhenNerdsCollide Thomas

    This figure is incredible. One of the best Superman figures I’ve ever seen. Will sit next to my First Avenger figure. Now if only we could get a Super-Soldier figure!

  • http://WhenNerdsCollide Thomas

    Looks great, even with the underwear on the outside.

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