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We have a Hulk

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Hulk Maquette has been unleashed!

Post or send us your photos when he arrives, and let us know what you think.

See the full [Hulk Maquette gallery]

Avengers Hulk Maquette

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  • Hulk Maquette
  • Jason

    Im Soooooo Glad I bought this, I really hope you guys dont make to many though. I love it, it fits my collection perfect !!! Perfect Paint and Sculpt !!!

  • Anthony Cornelius

    All of your statues are amazing! I just cant afford any of them with the kids and all or id be buying several of your masterpeices!!!!

  • Carey Bayless

    This is the most awesome piece that I have ever seen! It truly is one of the best. Buy Hulk!

  • Derek

    That is why I didn’t buy it because it’s not limited. Looks amazing!

  • Josh Viller

    I hope they don’t make to many but then again with student loans and all I hope they make enough that I can still have enough time to get on

  • Anthony

    Beautiful piece…but not $650 nice….more like $499 nice….very light and hollow piece….u go back to the Kirby PF it was 50lbs and cost $325…same size

  • vanmeulebroucke

    Hello,I’am french and I bought it in collector discount shop in france. I hope it will arrive soon!!!!quickly…quickly…. I can’t wait!!!!…..see you….

  • Manuel

    Amazing sculpt, the prototype and the one shown in SDCC is better. Price is not an issue if you are a true collector but they should have numbered it not its like hot toys who know how many out there.

  • gareth wilkinson

    yes i got mine on the 11th it was light, colour was all wrong he looks lime green sculp was great but needs to be heavier and darker green

  • Floyd

    I agree, the color is lighter than what is on the website and the price is a little high considering we don’t even know how many is being made. It is pretty light as well, it weighs pretty much the same as the Galactus Legendary bust which is way smaller. But it does look good, and yes, I did get it. But I feel like Sideshow is doing a little switcharoo on us and the QA isn’t as good as before. Half of my orders had arrived damaged, it’s been a week and I’m still waiting for a reply. A replacement base also arrived damaged, and the Mythos Kenobi was mislabeled (1200, instead of 2000). Worst, the certificates on the mythos have typos! It’s supposed to be the CoA!

  • BJG

    Like most of the comments, I think the piece was much lighter than I expected which actually detracts from it to some degree. Does it look like the movie version… it a nice size and accurate…yes…would I trade it in for my 50lb., properly colored Hulk PF…no way. That is still the best Hulk statue ever made.

    The fact that this Hulk is not numbered is inexcusable…not a good move SS and one that you should not repeat, or decide in advance without telling us as your customers, fans and collectors. Hopefully you will release an edition size even if our pieces aren’t numbered…I am one of your biggest fans, but for the price charged, numbering the pieces should have been done.

  • Jason

    I cant believe SS gave a number edition to Colossus PF but not the Hulk? I really wanted this piece but from all the mixed feed back, both pros and cons I will pass. Im sure SS meant no harm but you do learn best from your customer feedback.

  • Skaa2418

    .im totally agree with BJG and others as well…first of all I was disappointed with Rhino comiquette as well, it is really light and I’m really shocked looking at the final product…also saw this hulk maquette at retailers shop and again another big disappointment and sorry to say this Sideshow, we need quality and not quantity. You guys might lose good genuine customers around the world…we are big fans and please produce something worth waiting for, it does not matter how long it takes and we can wait but please do not let us down. Thanks guys

  • Eric Larson

    Fantastic Statue. The Best Hulk out there IMO. I love everything about it. The attention to detail is amazing. I love how the pain ts were done on this piece. Just perfect. No complaints at all. Thanks Guys and Gals

  • kenneth

    just thought i would add my two pence worth. I recieved my rhino the other day and was totally dissappointed, the statue is obviously hollow and the base was damaged. it is starting to feel like ss are mass producing and the QC has gone down the pan. when i asked about the statue weight, the response from ss was that it was to save on shipping!!!!not impressed at all- the good old days of high quality SS products(venom comiquette-class) have gone in my opinion, most items i recieve have some flaw in them and given the money charged- it is not good enough.

  • Jean Martin

    Look awsome best Hulk ever but I’m not going to buy it because I don’t want to spend $650 for statue without limited #.

  • ricky

    good looking statue, but these un-numbered edition runs on high end pieces really need to stop. nothing collectible about it

  • Gary Gerani

    Magnificent Legacy maquette, made available to one and all through Sideshow. The lack of a limited edition # is an issue for some buyers, but frankly, I couldn’t care less… the statue looks gorgeous on display. Highly recommended for both Hulk fans and “off the original mold” movie prop collectors.

  • DJ

    I think, given all of the comments overall (plus the Freaks Forum),, that it would be very safe to say that unless it is a t-shirt, coffee mug, or a Spooktacular readyness kit…if Sideshow (greatest company ever) produces something it should have an edition size and be numbered. Nuff said.

  • andre

    Where were all you guys when the Legacy Neytiri was released without any edition numbers or edition size?

  • http://Comicstore Danny b

    Should be half the price about the same as a premium format sideshow demand to much money for a limited say limited lol with quite a few flaws but still great sculp looking maquette to every one pls reduce the price or stop production.

  • JR Smith

    Got mine today. The sculpt is fantastic, paint job mediocre, and the weight is light. It just feels light & cheap…but wasn’t as we all know. This is the weight and cost reduction trend and I guess we must get use to it. I saved up and got the Darth Maul LSF and I was shocked when I opened and assembled and found it to be hollow and light. I can live without the edition number but the weight really bothers me.

  • Bill Bellow

    I had no idea the Hulk was African-American.

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