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Friday Fan Photo Roundup

Friday, March 29, 2013

This week’s roundup of awesome fan photos, collected from around the web!

senoharyo via

lordvader1977 via

DarthChrisDK via

Finally got my Sideshow snowie! For being completely white it has to be the best detailed figure I have. starwarsdaily via

Freeze, Clanker Spotted!!! action_figure_addict via

Grant M. via

n_orozcoo via

borgetti via

Aaron O. via

emirandadta via

cloneorder66 via

B-08 aka “Bob” eeiigghhtt via

I love getting mail. patloika via

Since Sideshow started. My 1st was your Logan Premium Format. tim6871 via

chris_earth616 via

eddylovemei via

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  • Ash

    DarthChrisDK Rules XD best pic out of all in my opinion ; )

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