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Inside Iron Man 3′s Hall of Armor

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marvel thought you might like a closer look at some of Iron Man’s Hall of Armor, and so did we!

As part of a sweepstakes on the official Iron Man Facebook page, six of Tony Stark’s new armors have been unveiled from the upcoming film, in theaters May 3rd.

Take a look below, and let us know which are your favorites in the comments.

Mark 17

Mark 33   Mark 35 Mark 38

Mark 39  Mark 40

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  • george

    i hope to make pf….

  • Sergio Candelas

    Totally awesome!!!! It’s great to get a closer look at the suits and what they’re all about. I love their names.

  • Austin pierce

    No hulkbuster?

  • Isaac V

    Man silver centurion was one of my favorites from the comic but the sub orbital suit looks pretty epic, I hope he uses it for a Guardians of the Galaxy cameo.

  • Edison


    Mark 35 and 38 are IRONSOMENESS…. love them….but Mark 17 got my love too

  • Lloyd Ty

    The mark 33 looks awesome to me. Sleek and more realistic metal craft suit.

  • Manuel Ramos Meza

    MK39 looks awesome!

  • Bruce

    Mark 17 Heartbreaker looks COOL!!!!!!!

  • Oscar Paulino

    Please Sideshow make a PF or maquette (like Mark VI) from every of this Ironmans modifications. Pease make it!!

  • chazzgambit

    I’d really love to see SIDESHOW would make the HEARTBREAKER and SILVER CENTURION and especially GEMINI maquette coz my zodiac sign is GEMINI.

  • http://Laureado@hotmail.com Laureado ortega

    There is just to many cool armor to choose from!! I just hope they include as many as posible on the hot toys power pose line!!??

  • Thor Thomas

    Mark 17, Mark 33, and Mark 39 are by far my favorites

  • James

    Mark 39 and 40. These 2 look insane. Love the white on the Mark 39 and the stealth look of the Mark 40.

  • Montel

    As an avid fan of the Hot Toys suits I have already preordered Red Snapper. Just from looking at these pictures I’d have to say that Mark 39 is my favorite. Just a completely different color scheme and feel. Hopefully some or all of these will be made.

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