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Macabre-grams – Unique horror art by zombiemodels

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paul Schiller (aka zombiemodels) is a horror enthusiast and all around fan of the macabre. Check out some of his work from Instagram!

I am in love with the Sideshow Original series “The Dead,” horror Premium Format Figures, Star Wars, and the Predator line of sixth scale figures from Hot Toys. I have really enjoyed taking pictures of them and bringing them to life. The figures are so detailed, it’s easy to capture them in a cinematic way.

I took a couple photography classes in high school, and was heavily involved in art classes. Recently I got back into photography when I came across Instagram.

All the pictures are taken, edited and posted using my phone and various filter apps to achieve my final look. As I gained more followers I have really settled into my own style while showcasing my favorite collectible art!





zombiemodels is on Instagram

Send us your fan art! [experience@sideshowcollectibles.com]

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  • cr4cx3r

    If that Species Maquette shows up at 50%, I’ll be all over it!!!


    Same here—50% for Big Baby and I would order!

  • spookie

    50% on the terminator

  • Punkg

    Mola Ram PF @ 50% please o’ please!!

  • T800

    50% off terminator!! I’ll be all over that!! :)

    • Ray

      50 % off a Terminator. Who (including Skynet) wouldn’t be all over it.

  • Wragwre

    how about putting vlad pf on sale. there must be boatloads sitting in your warehouse.

  • Bullseye

    Venomsaurus…………you know you need the space!!!! :O)

  • Ridgelinesrfine

    Discount on CHUCKY??? MY 9 yr old is driving me nuts!!

  • Mmflood

    Please put the Iron Man 12 inch figure on here!

  • Colossus

    100% on The Prize, Make a Great Christmas Present for the Kid in me

  • Rancorkill

    50% off Conan The Prize Diorama please!! :)

  • Thanos

    50% off for all our already placed pre-orders! :)

  • Julie Perkins

    Really amazing pictures! Thank you for featuring this artist. He really makes your pieces look even more amazing!

  • Ash

    I just recently bought 4-1/6 scale Sideshow figures from the Dead series. They’re all brand new in the box [Sealed] and I still haven’t taken em out. I’m not sure if I can keep them yet. Depends on how the money situation goes XD

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