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Sound Off: If your nearest collectible came to life would you be in trouble?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

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What’s your nearest collectible? If it came to life would you be in trouble?


Star Wars Commander Cody. It’s all good til Order 66 comes in…  - Tyler Funnyman K.


I’ve got Batman, so no, I’m safe. -  Jason K.

My Han Solo DL-44 Blaster (Elite Edition) by Master Replicas. Muahah!! - Christian H.


My Life-Size C-3PO…. he might annoy me to death – Christian C.


Premium Format Joker. Based on the look on his face, I’m guessing I’m in trouble. – Adam M.


Bo, Luke, and Daisy. No trouble here. We’re just a couple of good ol’ boys!!! - Stephen O.


Cobra Viper. We’d be cool until I started making fun of his lisssssp. – Jeff G.


1977 Blue Snaggletooth, trouble not sure really… – C Ryan L.

I’ve got a china hutch full of Lara Croft figures, all of them armed. – Audra B.


I’d like to let Iron Man and The Joker have it out. – Chris C.


Loki! And oh, I am in trouble… the best kind of trouble!! – Margie P.

That would be the entire store. I guess this means war. - Kokomo Toys


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  • a u t o b o t

    With Optimus Prime(maquette)..i don’t think so ;)

  • margie w.

    Since its the Avengers, I think i’m safe.

  • Jason

    Definitely , the 20″ aerial HK would decide my fate in a nanosecond!

  • Louie Garcia

    Rhino on one side skaar on the other I’m pretty sure it’s getting ugly fast

  • Louie Garcia

    Rhino on one Side skaar the other I’m in serious trouble

  • Sean

    I dont think a 24″ Pumpkinhead could do much harm to me.lol

  • Max Power

    For sure I would be in trouble. My house would be freaking torn apart and unrecognizable not to mention I’d be running for my life; I got the Avenger’s Hulk Maquette! “Hulk,smash!”

  • Efrain

    Lady Death PF is my last. She is beside Vampirella PF. So i think im in trouble. The good kind if you know what i mean :)

  • clinton

    every single 1/6 clone released by sideshow think i’ll stick with the phase ones

  • Andrew Threlfall

    Im nearest is my AvP Neca with the Alien’s tail through a Predator…im guessing I wouldn’t lastl long….Im in trouble.

  • J Powell

    Mines is my Chucky 1:1! I hope I wouldn’t be in trouble! I think my son would be in more trouble.. So i consider myself SAFE! Chucky may want to play hide the soul with my son! I wish Batman was closer! Lol!

  • Dirk

    Let’s put a smile on that face…my 1/6 scale Joker would make sure of that…I’d be in big trouble…

  • yardman

    mine is the spectacular T-800 premium format..so thanks sideshow im a dead man lol..hes also my favorite pf to date..

  • http://sideshowcollectibles Mark Bushell

    with my T800 arnie bust to my right and my predator maquette behind me,i’d say i’m doomed!!

  • Joseph Menard

    My nearest collectible is my “Big Hug” Troll Doll-I don’t think I’d be in any danger.

  • Sage Helmlinger

    My Darth Maul Legendary Scale Figure, oh $#*! Now I’m about to get chopped in 2.

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