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Featured Collector: Randal Williams

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Randal Williams

Featured Collector: Randal Williams

His Collection

I started collecting Sideshow in 2010 when I was working at the US Embassy in Baghdad. I started my collection with the Sixth Scale Emperor Palpatine & Imperial Throne, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul. Since then my collection went into overdrive! Star Wars has been my focus but I’ve recently branched out to include some of my favorite movie characters from my childhood memories.

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  • Jeff B.

    The display cases look really cool. Where did he get them?

  • Matt T.

    \\\ What is the display case that wall mounted?

  • John

    Agree with the others, would love to know what cases those are, they all look great.

  • Derrick

    Also inquiring about the display case/shelf, please help!

  • Ignacio

    Randal. Evening. Lovely collection. Congrats. I noticed people already asking about the wall mounted display, can you also explain where you got the shelves. I’m currently looking for something similar. thanks

  • Sean M.

    The display case that is wall mounted by the desk has military medals in it, I think the 1st on is a Silver Star. I am not sure if that is the case that Matt T asked about.

  • Abhi

    which one is the wall shelf with 2 lights each. where did you get it from?

  • Ignacio

    Hey Randel, Evening. Again nice collection. We are all wondering where did you get both cases glass and mounted wall. thanks

  • Jeff B.

    Did anyone ever find out from where Randall got his display cases?


    The wall shelf looks very similar to something I’ve seen at Ikea, but not 100% sure on the cabinets.

  • Randal Williams

    Hey everyone! I’m sorry but I didn’t even see that I was featured until today! I got the wall mounted case from Ikea, but the full standing cases are from Pulaski.

    Keep in mind that arranging your goodies can be tedious since the access is only on the sides, making it a mostly one-handed operation! They still look great when set up though. Sorry for the delay everyone… Happy collecting!

  • Ms. Collector

    Wonderful! I love the collection. :)

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