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Advancing the Tech: Three new Iron Man suits from Hot Toys!

Friday, April 19, 2013

We’re excited to announce that Hot Toys is bringing three of the new debuts from Iron Man 3 to their sixth scale collectible lines:

  • Heartbreaker for the Movie Masterpiece Diecast Series
  • Igor for the Movie Masterpiece Series
  • Red Snapper for the Power Pose Series

Advancing the Tech

Get an inside look at Tony Stark’s obsession with building new suits in this behind the scenes Iron Man 3 featurette:

See more [Iron Man 3 collectibles] available now, and stay tuned for more Hot Toys updates and additions!

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  • Scott Armstrong

    I’m sure Hot Toys was very happy to learn there would be a ton of new suits in this movie.

  • Ash

    Not so big on IRON MAN but I kinda dig the IGOR ARMOR. I’d like to see that as 1/6 and I might buy it if I like. That would be my first IRON MAN RELATED 1/6 ; )
    Let’s see…

  • http://WhenNerdsCollide Thomas

    The Igor suit looks awesome!It looks like Stark made a suit for the Juggernaut(if he was blue)

  • CK

    I am getting the heart breaker armor, maybe the Igor, but I am not getting the red snaper, I don’t like it at all.

  • Abdon

    Amazing! all of them are amazing! I want them all!

  • James S

    I would get the red snapper if it was a diecast masterpiece figure. And I’m definitely getting the heartbreaker… I wonder why they don’t make igor a diecast figure? I would have bought it if it was.. Still might buy just to have.

  • SMH

    Make them in MMS. I am NOT getting into other lines. This is one completest that will be sitting on the bench despite my tendencies.

  • Brian

    These guys look great! Red Snapper is growing on me. Hoping we get Gemini, Destroyer and Godkiller armors (hint hint Hot Toys!)

  • rodrigo

    perfect work, the best toys

  • Ross McMullan

    the IGOR looks amazing cant wait till he is available any idea when that will be?
    But as always all IM items looks awesome. gonna be soooo poor but wirth it.

  • http://Sideshow Paul

    These IM3 figures are amazing. I was going to hold out and not get them but I think I need them all to complete my IM collection. Well done Hot Toys, I love ‘em.

  • Wonder Woman lover

    Would be awesome to collect all and display them like they do in the film to create a miniature but highly detailed diorama.

  • Grasz

    I hope they make a Diecast Hulkbuster

  • Mateo

    the silver centurion please! and the black one that can separete in pieces. this ones with the heartbraker will be day 1 purchases for me

    • Bleuh

      There is a silver centurion on sideshow

  • paul

    Please do a Gemini/Deep Space suit!

  • Antonio

    Any news on the Heartbreaker and Igor pre-order?

  • Ioseph

    any word or preorder dates? or even the mark vii release?

  • Rudolph

    Iron man rocks

  • Tim

    Always impressed with hot toys and love showing off my collection to friends and family. Gret job to all the artist working on the Iron Man line of collectible, my favorite!

  • Johan

    when Mark 17… Heartbreaker please

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