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Featured Collector: Verne Glassman

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Verne Glassman

Location: Aurora, Colorado

His Collection

I am an artist, author and historian. Collecting film related items allows me to take a short mental vacation and touch the fantasy and escapism of film.

My collection room is called the “Film Noir Room.” It has morphed and grown for over ten years now and it will never be done or complete. The true quality of living, for me, is enjoying and sharing dreams. I feel that Sideshow allows anyone to own a small piece of their dreams, and whenever reality proves too harsh or unforgiving we can walk into a special place and lose ourselves in the majesty of make believe and memories.

His ‘Grail’ Collectibles

I would love to own more collectibles based on real life historical icons. Lawrence of Arabia, Albert Einstein, US presidents, Walt Disney and Mark Twain are just a few who would sit high on my mantle place.


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  • http://sideshow verne glassman

    You can’t have everything but I’ve found you can have anything. What better thing to invest in than your dreams?

  • Joseph Menard

    This is Amazing. This is inspirational. I’d like to start doing this. To keep and share dreams. A world to escape into. Precious memories. Thanks for this article.

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