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Harley Quinn, pleased to meetcha!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We’re proud to present our next DC Comics Premium Format™ Figure, the Joker’s deranged and bubbly sidekick, Harley Quinn.

Knock knock, Puddin’!

Mr. J’s right hand gal takes center stage, suited for crime sprees and clowning around in her signature red and black tailored fabric costume. With her trademark wooden mallet at the ready, the Gotham City bad girl flaunts her flair for mayhem with that one-of-a-kind crazed grin. Get ready to fall in mad love.

The Exclusive Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure will include a sassy switch-out unmasked head (shown left).

Both the regular and Exclusive versions of the Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure will be priced at $359.99.

The Exclusive Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure will be available for Pre-Order on Thursday, May 16th, 2013 in the weekly Sideshow Newsletter, which is typically published between 2PM and 3PM (Pacific Time).

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  • Sergio Candelas

    OMG!!!!! Can’t Wait!!!! She looks Incredible!!!!!

  • John B

    Looks cool! Bring on the bad guys

  • David manke

    I have been waiting for this my whole life! Thank you for making this awesome piece sideshow!

  • Juan Julian Purdy II

    YES!! Can’t wait to buy this!

  • Yoga Adrian

    Getting all the DC PF exclusives!!! Love this line.

  • Lee Gordon

    I am a pure Marvel fan and I’m getting this.

  • Joe

    You guys are going to make me go broke.

  • Rabid Fuzzle

    Well I was just about to put my deposit down on the War Machine MKII Exclusive. Now I am torn and don’t know what to do. Love Harley Quinn so much.

  • Ralphie

    AWESOME! My Joker PF will be SOOOOO’Happy.Love how HQ’s body has that Realistic look under her garments.Hopefully the clothing especially around her Derrier will turn out as good as these promo photo’s.EX portrait is way cool.Don’t change a thing.I’M on it Thursday.

  • Sean C.

    Looks great. I love the crazy smile and the direction of her gaze. Very sexy/offputting.

  • luey

    Well time to work more overtime lol :p

  • Pia

    Love it! Will definately be getting her to go with Poison Ivy n Joker :D

  • Tony

    This is a must for my small but growing Harley collection. Do want.

  • Jennifer

    My boyfriend would love me forever if I got this for him…but then I’d have to buy another one for myself. Hmmmmmmm.

  • Jeremy Popoff

    That alternate head is so cute!

  • Maddmaxx

    I was contemplating giving up collecting premium format figures, but Sideshow has sucked me back in. The DC line of premium format figures kicks a$$. Harley is freaking awesome.

  • William

    A DC DELIGHT!!!!! An awesome addition to the Poison Ivy, Superman and Batman PF’s that I ordered from Sideshow this weekend. Cant wait until shipments arrive. And after seeing Harley, the 2014 release date seems so far away….but its gonna be worth the wait!!!!

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