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Behind the Scenes: Clones Approaching the Photo Studio!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Working magic in the photo studio with the new Deluxe Star Wars Sixth Scale Clones… Take a look!


NIK_6791 NIK_6787

NIK_6785  NIK_6780

NIK_6798   NIK_6802

NIK_6805  NIK_6808

Build Your Army

Have you signed up for our contest? Enter here and you could win your own set of Deluxe Clones!
*Sand and deactivated Battle Droids not included

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  • Coye Vega

    now this looked like a fun shoot!

  • Anthony Coleman

    This looks amazing. Can’t wait to see what the set includes. Hopefully this set will be available to everyone.

  • B


  • http://SS ALEX R.


  • Will Melay

    How do you enter to win? I’m already a newsletter subscriber, would love to win an instant army! I’ve entered a bunch of these contests but never win

  • Will Melay

    With these deluxe clones or “shinies” as they call them you could really bring the tremendous clone wars animated tv show to life in 1/6th scale! I really want to add them to my sideshow star wars collection with an instant army! MTFBWY!

  • Tobias

    How do you enter it only lets you put in the email address to subscribe to the newsletter, no entry form comes up, please I really really wanna enter!!!

  • Joseph S. Garcia

    Hi SSC Joseph, (stationed Overseas)! I Love SSC, but I am hoping you will consider making the Captain Fordo version 1 Arc Commander Premium Format figure!Should include his double blasters, Arc Trooper heavy rifle, antenna, and gauntlet, with of course interchangable hands and removable helmet! this would complete anyone wanting to build an Army! Stand Proud, Stand Tall!
    May The Force Be With Us All!

  • Flemming Daugaard-Larsen

    May i just say WOOOOOW, have just recently become a sideshow collectibles buyer, just ordered the Utapau airborne trooper and preordered Commander Wolffe, but this is just amazing, your own Little clone army:-) way to go sideshow

  • Jordan


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