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Citizens of the world, look and tremble! Introducing Cobra Commander: The Dictator

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Absolute Power!

Committed to world domination, enemy leader of the ruthless terrorist organization COBRA, deadly threat to the G.I. JOE team and the world – we are proud to present our Cobra Commander: The Dictator Sixth Scale Figure.


Cobra Commander dons his dress uniform, complete with fabric cape and COBRA symbol fittings. We’ve included two interchangeable heads, featuring his classic helmet with chromed visor as well as his menacing masked visage. Armed with the following weapons and accessories, Cobra continues his unrelenting assault on freedom and liberty:

  • Cobra Scepter
  • Ceremonial Cobra Dagger
  • Broom Handled Mauser Pistol
  • Multiple gloved hands for commanding and conquering


The Sideshow Exclusive version of Cobra Commander will also include a Laser Pistol accessory (shown above left). This fun throwback to the 1982 mail away figure is the perfect addition to round out the Commander’s arsenal!

The regular and Exclusive versions of Cobra Commander: The Dictator Sixth Scale Figure will be priced at $174.99.

Look for the Exclusive version of this SSS…er, Sixth Scale Figure to be available for Pre-Order in our upcoming weekly Sideshow Newsletter this Thursday, June 6th, 2013, typically published between 2 and 3pm (PST).

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  • Marc

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Miguel

    This is the Cobra Commander I have grown up with and known forever! Thanks Sideshow for putting things right!

  • Ben

    Wow…this is why I cancelled my Hot Toys GI Joe orders. SIdeshow Collectibles continues to give us the GI. Joe world that we remember as kids. This Cobra Commander looks just like the cartoon version and looks better than the 3 3/4″ toy figure. SC has done it yet again. Wow…instant buy. :)

  • Lantern Lad

    In the immortal words of George Takei: “Oh Myyyyyy…”

  • James

    This is the coolest figure from SSC in a long time. So much win here.

  • Dallas

    Man this looks sweet, i gotta get this

  • erik

    this is alot better than the first cc, thanks for going back and making this the ultimate cc we all wanted, perfect sideshow

  • leslie phan

    wow !!! must get !!! i only collect Cobra team . THX sideshow ~!!!

  • Mark

    Sick. I can’t wait to get him. Great work Sideshow.

  • Chris

    does this come with the Cobra throne as well?

  • GIjoeFan1976

    Very sad to see the vader helmet:( also hope the chest strap is longer than it appears in the ones where you can see the shirt:( feels very rush and that the figure was not shown support maybe can be fixed before released?

  • Maximillian Arturo

    Cobra Commander is cool

  • Dwayne Marshall

    The figure looks pretty good. I would have preferred the color to be the lighter blue of the 82/83 3 3/4 in figure. As well as the exclusive laser pistol to look like the one that came with the above mentioned figure. I have only purchased one of the G.I. Joe figures from Sideshow before(the first issue of Cobra Commander) and I hope that if I can get this one that the figure fills out the suit better. The first figure’s outfit kind of hung very loose on it. And it would be great if the helmet and chromed mask are separate pieces.

  • LordDjibril

    Great figure!
    I feel (from the pictures at least) that the hooded head is not as good as the one we got with th e first release. I maybe wrong (hope so!)
    One thing which I will find nice would be a second pants and shoes to fit with the very first CC release design, even if these boots are way better tahn those we got with the hooded CC.

    Pre-ordered anyway…COBRAAA!

  • Nuker

    It’s a work of art! The way Cobra Commander should be depicted!

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