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Featured Collector: Dean aka StatueHunter75

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Dean aka StatueHunter75

Location: Boston, MA

I started collecting about five years ago, when I met my wonderful wife. I was in my hometown in Boston at a tailor, and he happened to have nicely lighted and mirrored curios full of various Sideshow and Bowen statues. My wife saw how I was drawn to them, so that year for my birthday she got me Sideshow’s Emma Frost and Mary Jane Exclusive Comiquettes. I discovered more about companies like Sideshow Collectibles and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and Bowen Designs and the rest is statue addiction history! :)

His Collection

I mainly collect Sideshow quarter scale and dioramas from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and movie pieces.  Another big statue passion of mine is my Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and SOTA Street Fighter statue and bust collection, to which I’ve dedicated a whole room in my house to.


His Favorite Collectible

I’d have to say to this day it’s still my Sideshow Collectibles Hulk vs. Spider-Man Diorama.  They just don’t get more detailed and dynamic in pose than that piece- it’s so well done and designed down to every last detail!
My favorite quarter scale statue is the Sideshow Exclusive version of Shin Akuma Statue by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. And the only Legendary Scale Figure I own, the Wolf Predator, has a special place in my heart.

His Grail Collectibles

I’m still on the hunt for the Sideshow Exclusive Doctor Doom Premium Format Figure and the Ryu Statue from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles!

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  • http://sideshow shabir hussain

    haha i just watched your video on youtube of you collection tour amazing you are a true collector and one day i will be on sideshow website with pics of my collection peace shabz

  • Ash

    He’s got very cool collection. Have seen many reviews that he’s done on the Tube. He definitely needs a much better display tho. I mean if you got such a big collection you would need an impressive collection room.


    One of my favorite collections out there. I thought for sure I was already following you on Youtube, but I am for sure now. Excellent collection man!

  • Dean

    Hey if you guys want to see the video of my whole collection go to youtube and check out my channel at: StatueHunter75. Thanks guys!

  • JR Smith

    Nice collection and good display with the detolfs and bespas.


    Thanks Dean. Again, amazing collection! :D

  • Russell

    What makes Dean’s videos great to watch is his passion for every piece he buys and the appreciation he has for the talent that goes in to making each and everyone of these statues.

  • Hulk440

    StatueHunter75, your reviews have impacted my statue purchases on a few occasions. Glad there are collector’s like you out there that want to share there passion with the rest of us. Don’t ever stop making those videos! Congrats on the SSC spotlight, amazing collection!

  • Ms. Collector

    I follow you on YouTube… good to see you here. Seeing the room shots with all your statue glory is really nice. :)

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