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Meet Boba Fett!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

As fans, we’ve always been captivated by the possibilities of what could have been. In this rare footage from the Star Wars archives, sound designer Ben Burtt hosts Boba Fett’s first reveal to George Lucas and company at the filmmaker’s home on June 28, 1978 for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

The striking all-white prototype armor reflects the character’s initial concept as a “super trooper” before he evolved into the bounty hunter he is today. Designed by Joe Johnston, and worn by Empire‘s assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham for the test, Burtt explains ‘proto Fett’s’ unique weapons, functions, and characteristics.

Commemorating this insight into the making of Star Wars, the Sideshow development team is excited to share a first look at the Boba Fett Prototype Armor Sixth Scale Figure – our tribute to the Mandalorian that could have been!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Patrick

    I m getting this!!!

  • Travis Kirby

    Sideshow! You should put the Star Wars Beach Towel as an accessory with this figure.

  • barryo


  • galactiboy

    Agreed… the beach towel cape would make this a must have figure!

  • John White

    Why not something new guys? or a Boba Fett from ROTJ? Thanks

  • daniel feeney

    OK I want one.

  • Darth Cruel

    Excellent! If you guys keep up the kind of stuff you have been showing us lately, I might stop writing all those terrible things about you on the bathroom walls.


    Was just wishing to myself the other day that SSC would do this figure, no lie! Can not wait!! WHEN!!!!

  • Scottttyw

    Oh man, second the Beach Towel idea. That’d be amazing.

  • Brad

    I can’t wait for this one. The beach towel would be pretty cool.

  • Michael

    That was pretty amazing. Thanks for posting. I look forward to the figure.

  • Will

    Count me in, I’m down for the proto boba! :)


    This might be the first figure I actually buy.

  • Kyran

    LOVE IT! And now the wait begins….

  • EricFoss

    Awesome. I love it. Give me this and more Old Republic. I thank you in advance…

  • Spoonlatel

    Do you think you could get the helmet right this time? Not a big deal or anything… Not like it’s one of the most iconic helmets of all time. I don’t think anyone really cares that much about something small like that.

  • Samuel

    Every Supertrooper needs a cape! Thank You Sideshow.

  • The_Mike

    OMG. I want this so bad. Take my Money!!

  • matt

    As long as you have plans for a McQuarrie version this will be in my collection.

  • matt

    Star Wars Beach Towel is a must!!!!!!Awesome!!

  • sithlord151


  • hardreturn

    well hell, that might just be a purchase.

  • James

    This one will be hard to pass up.

  • J Powell

    Just freaking awesome!! Bring it on SSC!!

  • JR Smith

    Nice…but I’d like a reissued 1/4th scale please!

  • davey

    no mulling over this one. it’s mine!

  • Henry

    Hey Sideshow, my checking account number is…

  • Anthony N

    Definitely a first-day buy for me!

  • Kyle

    This is a really cool, unique idea for a Star Wars figure! We’ve seen everything else over the years, so this could stand as a distinctive part of a collection. Looking forward to this!

  • boba kim

    I want beach towel !!

  • eric

    ABSOLUTELY!!! Best idea for new figure in awhile.

  • Darthshutyourmouthvader

    Exclusive accessory is???????????????????the beach towel!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    Anything Fett from Sideshow is destined for greatness.
    A premium format ROTJ Boba on a Skiff base with blaster raised is something I’ve been dreaming of for years.

  • http://SS Alex R.

    Make it 1/4 scale please!!!!!

  • Bobby

    This may be my first SSC purchase.

  • CT

    HELL YEAH!!!I’m waiting for this so long!

  • Randy of AFTimes

    I wanted the Boba Fett, but I think I NEED the Proto Fett more!


  • Steve Jones

    I have a lot of nice SW stuff and always wanted to purchase many items from Sideshow, But I can’t ignore this Boba Prototype! I will start saving today and make this my first Sideshow item in my collection – Thank you for producing this amazing piece of history I can wait to see it in person.

  • Lee in MI

    Please please please fix the boxy vest!!!! I don’t really get into the fussy little details like the shape of the helmet unless its really off but this guy is an iconic part of Star Wars and you guys should pay very close attention to every DETAIL!!! Think…Tamashi C3PO…and this will be epic!!!!

  • Big Duke 6

    You have my interest Sideshow….

  • Luke Abell

    I’m so exited for this to come out to pre order!

  • blobafatt

    Anything Fett from Sideshow is destined for greatness!
    Hurry up with the rotj premium format with blaster raised on skiff base and new sculpted helmet already.

  • Jordan

    Wheres the Beach Towel?

  • Randall Fett

    I bought both regular and exclusive Boba Fett 1/6 figures. I’m for sure getting both versions of prototype Boba Fett 1/6 figures. Looks amazing.

  • Christopher

    This would be great with my other Fetts. Please make it

  • Dan Dubinsky

    I keep throwing money at the screen and nothing’s happening!

  • Sean C.

    Thank you for posting the video. I love to see archival footage from that time I’ve never seen. I don’t know if I will buy this guy due to so many cool things coming out right now but I love the idea. I agree with some of the other commenters about the beach towel cape. It should be included with every figure (exclusive or not). Maybe have a life size reproduction towel as a bonus. That would be unique.

  • John

    I think the sideshow exclusive version of this should be with the beach towel.!! and if you do use that I idea, I should get a freeone! ;) I want this either way though lol

  • Jedi Jim

    Nice, but I think I’ll hold out for the McQuarrie prototype version. If I live that long.

  • John

    hahahah omg they do have the beach towel as the exclusive!!! They just updated the pics! want my free one!!! :P lol

  • EricFoss

    Awesome! You did it. The beach towel. The coolness. Thank you!

  • Steve

    But… if he was conceived between ep IV & V, who was the guy with human Jabba waiting for Solo in the cut footage from ep IV??

  • Dennis

    My god how much star Wars can you guys churn out, how about some occult characters from Dc or even marvel, Dr Fate, all of the characters you have done, and never a Dr Strange. Cmon you gus are so creative please do somthing differant for a change.

  • Rafa

    I really do hope that Sideshow uses a better fit chest armor and not like the one they used for The Empire Strikes Back!

    • MattS71

      yes its very different

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