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Sideshow Gets a Cameo in Pacific Rim!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In this clip from Pacific Rim, Gipsy Danger packs a punch with an elbow rocket, but fans noticed something more…

Take a closer look at those cargo containers!

sideshow_pacific_rim_cameo1  sideshow_pacific_rim_cameo2 

In related news, fear not Sideshow collectors – no shipments are expected to be delayed due to kaiju attack. :)

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  • Dylan Sargent

    The Sideshow “S”!!!

  • Twelve

    There goes our pre-orders up in flames….!

  • Robb

    Very cool homage to Sideshow. You guys deserve it. You really are the best at what you do!

  • Luciano

    Thanks for contributing to the cancelling of the apocalypse Sideshow.

  • Sean C.

    Very cool Sideshow. Gipsy Danger fist-pack. That’s got to feel good.

  • michael martinez

    thats cool but …….. all my order were in that container

  • Buttmunch

    I know I’ll be the one guy in the theater screaming “NOOOooo!” When the Sideshow containers get crushed. Who cares what’s in those other boring containers. There’s pop culture treasure in those Sideshow ones!

  • atomica.der

    Well deserved, Sideshow! Will we be able to purchase small containers for our Jaegers to crush in a pose?

  • Dallas

    Wooo! that makes the movie that much better

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