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Featured Collector: Humphrey Ching

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Humphrey Ching

Location: Orlando, FL

Ever since I was kid I always loved action figures. I have memories of keeping the catalog of a store that’s no longer around anymore called Consumers – they use to have these awesome displays of the action figures in really cool environments. I would say I’ve been collecting forever since I was a kid.

His Collection

I mainly collect the DC and Marvel superheroes from Hot Toys and Sideshow. I’m a huge comic book fan, and even published my own indie comic called Days of Dark.

His Favorites

I’m a huge Batman and Superman fan, so I think Hot Toys’ Dark Knight, Joker 2.0 and Christopher Reeve Superman figures are my favorites as of now. But when the Man of Steel lines come out I think they will be my new favorites.

His Grail Collectibles

The new Man of Steel – Superman Premium Format Figure is a definite grail for my collection.

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  • Adilson Martir

    What a nice collection you have!! I envy you!!

  • Joseph Menard

    The new man of steel figures will be my favorite – until pacific rim figures come to be available. GO ROBOTS!!!

  • Ash

    Very nice collection n I enjoy the display, with some books on the shelves n some art n posters hanging on the walls.

  • Humphrey Ching

    Thanks for liking my collection and thanks sideshow for featuring me.

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