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Featured Collector: Tim Mertle

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Tim Mertle

I have been a Star Wars fan ever since I was seven and saw the first movie at a drive-in theater back in 1977. Ever since then, I started collecting and playing with my Star Wars toys more than anything else I had as a kid. Here I am now, forty-one years old, and I STILL collect Star Wars. I also still have ALL my original action figures of when I was a kid and they are in mint condition and have all the guns with them. I took really good care of them and they still look good as new.

His Collection

When Kenner started making action figures and vehicles again back in 1995, I started collecting and finding all of the variants. I graduated from collecting the toys in 1997 and just focused on collectibles and prop replicas. I have been a fan of Sideshow Collectibles ever since the company first started out, and have almost all the 12″ figures from the early days. I don’t collect every one of them now like I did then, but I still look out for the original trilogy characters.


 IMG_0729  IMG_0728

His Favorites

My BIGGEST pieces are my Master Replicas 32″ Millenium Falcon and Episode III Darth Vader helmet. But my pride and joy from Sideshow is my Jabba setup. The detail is stunning and I think he is the most awesome piece that I own.
Even in July, it always feels like Christmas waiting to hear what Sideshow is going to make next!


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    Very cool collection man!

  • Tom P.

    Nice collection, Tim! Motivates me to get my figures displayed!

  • Ms. Collector

    I love it! It’s always nice to see a collection that reflects a longtime passion for a particular character or film. And Star Wars is classic. :)

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