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Featured Collector: Sidd Marwaha

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Sidd Marwaha

His Collection

For the most part I collect figures and statues based on characters from movies, games and TV shows that I’ve had a connection with in my childhood. I find the detail that goes into constructing statues mind-blowing and I appreciate them as an artist. I have a no-touch policy for my collection…or I can get violent haha. The life size Gears of War Lancer shown in one of the pics is my weapon of choice ;-)

I’ve been collecting for a few years and one day plan to fill a room. I’m particular about how everything is displayed. I don’t crowd them all on one shelf, instead I try and give them a lot of room and create environments for them to further increase visual appeal. These are pics of my work in progress!


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