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Featured Collector: Zombiemaster

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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2013-09-03 19.31.10

His Collection

2013-09-03 19.30.00I collect Zombies! It’s been a thing for me for a long, long time. The earliest piece I found that I dated was from 1990. I also own 185 zombie movies. It’s definitely a theme.

2013-09-03 19.31.17

2013-09-03 19.31.51

However, I really only start seriously collecting zombies right after I learned of the 12″ Patient Zero from Sideshow’s line, The Dead. I’ve been a collector my whole life. Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Role Playing Games, on and on…

His Favorite

Oddly enough, my favorite collectible is non-zombie. It’s a prototype head of Optimus Prime from an electronic game that never was. The idea was that the player held a small version of Prime’s gun and would shoot at Decepticons on a screen built into the back of Prime’s head. I have one of only a handful of the plastic housings that were made.

His Grail Collectible

Definitely the 12″ Patient Zero and Blonde Babysitter from The Dead. I want them so, so much…

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