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Featured Collector: Etienne Farugia

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Etienne Farugia

Location: Malta

I collect The Lord of the Rings. It started with the The Fellowship of the Ring, which blew me away. I bought the DVD box set with the Argonath book ends, and then I bought The Moria Orc Swordsman bust and it eventually lead to this…


His Collection
I started in 2001 so that makes this collection 12 years old, but only recently did I start to display them. I built this room a year and a half ago, and hopefully it will continue to grow within the coming years.

IMG_1798 IMG_1783

IMG_1803His Favorites
I love every piece I own but a few of my favorites are the Gandalf Premium Format Figure, ‘Battle Above the Black Gate’ Diorama, Twilight Witchking Statue, and the Sauron Premium Format Figure.

His ‘Grail’ Collectibles
I hope I can add a Merry and Pippin from this amazing line! Fingers crossed, I would love to get my hands on the Uruk-Hai Berserker and Lurtz Premium Format Figures but prices are unreachable on the secondary market. I also hope that one day I can afford the Dark Rider of Mordor Premium Format Figure! That is one amazing piece, well done Sideshow Team.

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  • BigKevGS

    Where did you get the display cases?

    • Ryan Whalen

      I second that question. I have started collecting a few years ago and would love to know where other collectors pick up their display cases =). Thanks!

  • JCamp30

    Great collection!

  • Angel Esquer

    Great collection.. I also want to know where you got these display cases???

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