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Featured Collector: Toby Newbanks

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Toby Newbanks

Location: Colorado


His Collection
I started collecting sports memorabilia in middle school, then comic books in my freshman year in high school, and high end collectibles after that.

The earliest thing I can find in my belongings is a Marvel activity book; Spider-Man has always been one of my favorites.

DSC_1517I grew up in the 80′s with Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Masters of the Universe, and I keep some random Pop Culture/80s stuff in my collection just because they’re awesome! I have a twin brother and I purchase sixth scale Cobra figures for him and I keep G.I. Joe – the same way we did when we were younger (although I kept the Crimson Guard and Viper cause they’re BA).

I’ve been a fan of Aliens and Predator for quite some time but Aliens had to grow on me. The debate on who would win is a no-brainer (Predator)!

DSC_1509   DSC_1521

His Most Prized Possessions
I’d probably say my limited edition Michael Jordan Autographed Converse and Jersey set from a fundraiser for his father’s foundation. There were 30 made and 23 were auctioned off to the public. Mine is #27 (my son’s favorite number) and it just so happened to be the most expensive of the publicly available pieces. This item is not on display and somewhere safe.

My favorite Sideshow pieces are the Mary Jane (a present from wife) and my Exclusive Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp Premium Format Figures (not pictured- they’re on the mantle).

His ‘Grail’ Collectibles
Toss up – The Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Bust, Hot Toys Robocop Sixth Scale Figure and ED-209, or the J Scott Campbell statue trio. Plus Sucker Punch is one of my favorite movies so I’m eagerly awaiting more Sucker Punch from Sideshow…

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  • tobythetitan

    A couple changes since these pictures on here were taken. No pieces are on the floor (except a couple Hot Toys still in their boxes). I acquired a new glass case for the 12″ Joes and that saves me a ton of room and IMO looks way better. Most of the sports stuff is in another room. I attempted to keep themes closer to each other.

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