Star Wars MythosDarth Maul

Star Wars Mythos

Darth Maul

 The Story

Darth Maul

The winds throw a stinging sand across his bare skin, while his black robe snaps around the metallic hilt of the saberstaff hanging dormant at his waist. Maul is coiled, lethal, the force of his will pent-up with the violent need for his muscles to spring. Closing his eyes, he finds and grasps an agonizing memory.

Torture. His memories are of pain, of electric fire arcing from the contorted fingers of his master, coursing through his synapses as he cried out for relief. There would be no relief, though, short of marshaling his hate. He knows that hate unlocks the Dark Side. Only once consumed with hate would a master end the agony.

Anger builds around him now in waves. He allows it to increase, fed by those memories of pain, and of his master’s mocking laughter. A terrible rage grows, swelling within him, and a roaring fills his ears. His eyes snap open, glowing in horrible hues of red, orange, and yellow.

His anger is pure hatred. And that hatred explodes.

 The Art

With the Mythos Darth Maul figure, we are paying homage to a story from the Star Wars Tales comic titled “Nameless.” In it, Maul is tasked to track down and assassinate a legendary Jedi with technique so pure he wields only a wooden club. After being once defeated, Maul fabricates his signature dual lightsaber, inspired by Sith schematics and weapons of his native people. We have envisioned him in a strong, almost meditative martial artist pose. He is dressed in loose garments not unlike that of a Ronin samurai, with one sleeve off and fabric draped to expose tattoos on his upper body. He stands with both arms extended, one clutching his victorious new weapon at his side, and the other out in a Force push.

Artists Credits
  • Tom Gilliland
  • Seth Rinaldi
  • David Igo
  • Walter O'Neal
  • Jesse Lincoln
  • Sandy Shaffer