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Thursday, January 1, 1970 at 12:00am

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  • Nikita Murashov

    OHMYGOD want it bad, but I thinl Russian location can not win statistically!:)

  • Oscar Slagveer

    I hope that I win. Just for this one time.

  • agbchief

    Diablo looks “diabolical!”

  • Don Howard

    very sweet

  • Ronnie Rodriguez

    I never win any Give aways but this would be some damn awesome if i won. Been a huge diablo fan all my life.

  • Ian Finn

    It rose from the depths as if reaching out to scar the heavens with claw and fang. A black smoke emanated from it choking any sunlight out. The flames dancing of its body transmogrified the surrounds to an archaic landscape that tortured the mind. Fluvial grime pooled at the area of its passing, a miasmic stench wafted from the pools of scum that smothered any living thing that was foolish enough to stay near. I was frozen in place with fear, my terror only surmounted itself when I relized it might see me. Please for the love God let it pass. That thing, knew I was there, it laughed at my terror. Diablo, the devil. It started my life of hell start that today, for its own amusement. Diablo burn in hell forever. Diablo.

  • Leucifer

    I must…… have….. this!

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