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Production Peek: Saruman Premium Format Figure

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Production Peek: Sarumon Premium Format Figure

“We have work to do.”

Production Peek: Predator 2 Maquette

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Predator 2 Maquette Production Peek

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the Predator 2 Maquette, available now!

Production Peek: Slattern Pacific Rim Statue

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Slattern Pacific Rim Statue

Go big, or go extinct!

Production Peek: Hellboy Premium Format Figure

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Hellboy Premium Format Figure

We’ve been working closely with Mike Mignola on everyone’s favorite blue collar cat-lover.

Production Peek: Apocalypse Premium Format Figure

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Apocalype Premium Format Figure

The strong will survive…

Production Peek: Tauntaun Sixth Scale Figure

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Tauntaun Sixth Scale Figure

And you thought they smelled bad on the outside.

Production Peek: Catwoman Legendary Scale™ Figure

Monday, July 15, 2013
Catwoman Legendary Scale Figure

“We have got to stop meeting like this…”

Production Peek: The Joker Life-Size Bust

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
The Joker Life-Size Bust

They said I needed help. Well, maybe I am a bit batty. HahAhaHahAhaHahAHaHahaHahA!

Production Peek: Gladiator Hulk Premium Format Figure

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Gladiator Hulk Premium Format Figure

Not much can save you once he has that look in his eye.

Production Peek: Pacific Rim Knifehead Statue

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Production Peek: Pacific Rim Knifehead Statue

“Today, we face the monsters that are at our door.” Get a behind the scenes look at this kaiju, Category 3 from Pacific Rim! Extinction is not an option…

Production Peek: Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Statue

Thursday, June 6, 2013
Production Peek Gipsy Danger Statue

“Gipsy Danger, report to Bay 08!” Get a behind the scenes look at the Steel Titan from Pacific Rim!

Production Peek: Man of Steel Superman Premium Format ™ Figure

Friday, May 31, 2013
Man of Steel Superman Premium Format Figure Production Peek

“You will give the people an ideal to strive towards.” Get a sneak peek at our Man of Steel Premium Format™ Figure in production!

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