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Artist Profile: Mat Falls

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sideshow’s first sculptor shares how he jumped in feet first and sought his fortune.

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  • Tim Peterson

    Yes, you HAVE created something special! I love your work!

  • Flavio Rojas

    I absolutely love the work you do. My congratulations and admiration for such quality and commitment. THis is something that I would really like to pursue as I look for a change of careers from the Graphic Design field. I hope to one day visit your studio. Thanks again.

  • Gwendydd

    I agree with mat falls you have to just do it. I started designing clothes for dolls back in 92 and began pattern drafting by eyeing using human sized patterns as a map and now I can design on the fly. I even self taught rooting hair for action figures and dolls.
    And now im doing face paint and using acrilic paste to give facial features. I was never formally trained sometimes just the desire to do it and someone having faith in you to take you on. Right now im doing this for myself but someday Id love to work for both Mattel and Sideshow

  • Mark Beer

    Beautiful work Mat.Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious.Hopefully one day I will work for you guys and also create inspiring work.

  • Ben

    Thank you for all your hard work. I also would like to take a tour of your office. I’ve been fortunate to tour Marvel Comics (their old and new office) in New York City, so I know your office will be just as great. Keep up the great work.

  • Charlie Snyder

    Love the work you and your company create.I’ve just purchased my first Sideshow figure the Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN and it is amazing.I would love to purchase more,unfortunately due to bills and everyday costs of life that it is a once in a while thing.I was curious about the picture on the box of the Fortress Of Solitude behind the figure if your company would ever make diorama backdrops for your figures?,considering how cool the figures look.I tried finding a close up pic of the fortress so I could display it behind the figure,but after hours of searching I couldn’t find anything that came close to the backdrops that you have for promoting the piece.

  • alan vanhook

    Because of my love for old and new horror, science fiction, and comic books and noew this site I have gotten back into sculpting, just finished Venom now I am doing SUPERMAN thank you sideshow for giving me a new direction in my life.

  • Joseph

    Mat Falls love your work I too as a kid did my sculting with plado and i love being creative i just have not had the luck that you currently have and now at the age of 46 I would like a carrer change my work is in 3d graphics you can see my work at but I love and passion is sculpting and I have done some sculpting as a hobby, but i would like to ask you what direction can I take to persue a carrer and work with among sculptors as your self so what advise can you give me matt? Thanks- Joseph

  • Alice Mary Herden

    I may not know about the storylines with characters, but what I do know is the creativity and passion that is put into making the character. This is what drives inspiration. This is what brings talent forward. The belief in your creativity and vision have given so many people a broken breath that has gazed upon your work.
    Thank you!

  • luis

    amazing just amazing I hope you guys do more heck I would like to see a Conan the barbarian collectible figures or assassin’s creed 4 figures.

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