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Behold, the Devourer of Worlds!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

“I am Galactus. The be-all and end-all am I!”

[Galactus Maquette is Available Now!]

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  • Galactus Maquette
  • sylar

    that looks so cool

  • Warship

    Galactus has always been my favorite! He lights up! Now, how to get one and hide it from the wife…

  • Sean C.

    This guy looks amazing! The light up features bring an extra amount of “Oh Yeah”. Very cool Sideshow.

  • rc

    wow..just wow,this statue is amazing,glad i bought this beauty..but i’ll be happy when they give us a edition number.

  • Force of Nature

    Galactus has never looked this incredible! Woohah, the devourer of worlds looks amazing and I cannot wait to add this behemoth to my collection!

  • kanak tripathi

    Anyone wanna buy my kidney?plzzz

  • TRC

    Where is the light up switch? I hope its not under his skirt.

  • http://sideshowcollectibles luis felipe

    impresionante, una gran estatua de galactus mis respetos.

  • Kjell

    NICEEE!!!! This and the Legendary DR DOOM will most likely end my collecting; what a great way to finish it!!

  • Kelley

    I wish I could afford him. This is so freaking awesome

  • Angel de jesus

    Dear sideshow is there a deadline on this” when is this item going to be available i keep getting disapointed.

  • William Watson

    Will I get the led light up feature Galactus version, or is it only for exclusive orders.

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