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Comic Vine’s SDCC 2013 Sideshow Collectibles Premium Booth Tour

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tony from Comic Vine gave the interwebs a tour of the Sideshow’s San Diego Comic Con 2013 booth!

Here’s a quick guide to what he covers in this video:

0:47 – Hellboy by Mike Mignola Premium Format™ Figure
1:13 – T-800 (Battle Damaged) Premium Format™ Figure
1:54 – Batman™ Premium Format Figure
2:05 – Batman (Modern Age) Life-Size Bust
2:31 – Poison Ivy Premium Format™ Figure
2:49 – Harley Quinn Premium Format™ Figure
3:16 – Sinestro Premium Format™ Figure
3:26 – Green Lantern Life-Size Bust
3:33 – Superman Premium Format™ Figure
3:53 – Man of Steel Superman Premium™ Format Figure
4:05 – Pacific Rim Statue Collection
4:18 – Catwoman Legendary Scale™ Figure
4:43 – Dr. Doom Legendary Scale™ Figure
5:04 – Gladiator Hulk Premium™ Format Figure
5:30 – Apocalypse Premium™ Format Figure
5:43 – Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) Premium™ Format Figure
5:53 – Punisher (Classic Costume) Premium™ Format Figure
6:18 – Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra Premium™ Format Figure
6:31 – J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Comiquette Collection
7:22 – Chewbacca Premium™ Format Figure
7:37 – Snowtrooper Premium™ Format Figure
8:00 – Red Sonya – Victorious! Premium™ Format Figure
8:23 – Hot Toys Iron Man Sixth Scale Figures
8:40 – Hot Toys RoboCop Sixth Scale Figures
9:26 – Hot Toys 1966 Batman Sixth Scale Figures

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  • Knifehead: Pacific Rim Statue
  • Black Widow - Natasha Romanova Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Snowtrooper Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Gladiator Hulk Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Green Lantern Life-Size Bust
  • Harley Quinn Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Punisher Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Chewbacca Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Poison Ivy Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • P. Thomas

    I love seeing all the newness.

  • http://Yakface.com/ Jayson Krebsbach

    I’m thinking it is a life-size Yoda

  • Glenn Stein

    It’s not just Padme. They haven’t added a female to the 1/6th scale line since 2008. It’s amazing that Padme wore 44 different outfits in the prequel trilogy and eight years into the line, none have been produced. Mara Jade just barely missed out on winning the poll that produced the snow bunny, and she never made it to figure form either.

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