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Interview: Pitu Talks Collecting

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pitu shares his thoughts on the collector lifestyle.

See more from self-professed “Sideshow Freak” and collectible reviewer extraordinaire, Pitu, at his website Pituvision, where the motto is “Changing The World’s Perspective on Collecting…One Collectible at a Time.™”

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  • Paul

    I enjoy watching others post videos of their collections on youtube and fb. I totally get when he says it makes him happy, I feel the same way..sometimes I can’t wait to get home from work when I had a long day and just escape and unwind in my Star Wars room. I have collected for years and I have wanted to post some video of my own collection for some time now. Collecting is a passion of mine and the excitement I get from opening up a box that just arrived is indescribable! I think it comes from my love of movies since I was a kid and the magic that they produce. You will see some video of my own very soon I promise! There are a few deliveries this month and then I think I will start to show.

  • BigBunny

    though i’m new to collecting, i get what you are saying Pitu! \m/^_^\m/

  • jimjimmyjones

    Knowing pitu and being around him, I know his emotions and reactions are true. He could not have said it better. I walk around my collection room and just take it all in. It’s like my own meditation museum.

  • Jeoffrey Bristow

    Works of ART take time. They haven’t done anything Wrong Yet. Good Things Come to those who Wait.

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