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Modern Collector: Hot Chix Cool Toy Review

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jason Rodriguez and Wendy Olafson of Hot Chix Cool Toy Review discuss their high-energy variety web series, and how a shared enthusiasm for collecting brings them together.

For more from Jason and Wendy check out their recent invasion of Sideshow here!

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  • Edwin Pabellon

    I’ve been watching these guys for a long time. Their video reviews are in-depth, entertaining, and gives me a good laugh most of the time. They also take the time to reply on comments/questions which is very rare these days…I wish you both, Jay and Wendy, all the success in your show and get the recognition you deserve.

    Edwin (aka PinoyRobotRock)

  • mike haigler

    very cool! its always good to have alternate opinions and reviews on items we want.

  • Brandon

    I havnt been collecting long, just about 2 years now mainly and i mainly collect Hot Toys, i already own 8 figures and your reviews help decide and are awesome. You guys are very detailed and you do a complete break down of the figures, which i really enjoy watching. I wish you guys the best!!! and ill catch you on your next video!!!

  • Gabriel Flores

    Love that Sideshow not only let you into there office for a in depth review, but now have graced us with interviewing Jason & Wendy for Sideshow experince, now you should start interviewing some everyday collectors, because to us Jason & Wendy are already big stars!

  • malik church

    I know these guys personally and its great to see how far theyve come in just a few years. I met Jason in college and we had a lot in common. I heard of collecters out there but didnt know what one was till I saw their toy and horror movie collections. Its good to see the move out West turned out for the best.

  • http://www.thehunterslair.com/ Ricky Clark

    Jay and Wendy are two oh the best figure reviewers on Youtube. They give insightful reviews and they have a knack for comedic performance with a twist of morbid humor.

    I am glad that they are recognized by one of the companies they do reviews about. That is simply courteous and very cool of you guys.

  • Vincent Kway

    I like the last part the most. I found someone who share the same interest with me.

  • Fernando Morales

    I just started watching these guys a few months back, and I can safely say they are one of the best reviewers out there. Congrats you guys!

  • Steven M. Stockwell

    Hey Guys Congrats I Have Been Waching Your Videos For Quite Awhile I Love Them All They Our So Great I Have Been Collecting Star Wars Since 1977 And G.I.Joes Since 1964 So I Can Relate To Collecting Being A Important Part Of My Life .I Think Its Great That You Two Share The Same Hobby Togeather Thats Not A Easy Thing To Do Most The Time If I Tell Any One What I Collect They Think I Have A Few Screws Loose Ha,Ha Well Take Care And Keep Up Making The Awsome Vids I Look Forward To Them All

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