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Production Peek: Apocalypse Premium Format Figure

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The strong will survive…

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  • Apocalypse Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Apocalypse Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Jeff

    This one looks good . When does it release ?

  • Timothy

    Yes!!! My favorite x-men villain as a PF. This statute looks perfect.

  • Sean C.

    Wow, I haven’t thought about Apocalypse in a while until I saw this. He is the coolest villain. I love surprises!

  • Eric

    I’m gonna guess I should start putting money aside for this. This statue looks unbelievably awesome. Cant wait for the release. Apocalypse is so bad ass

  • CUT

    Mine! Mine! Mine!

  • Stephen

    My admittedly awesome Kucharek Bros. Sculpt will seem like an afterthought once I (immediately) purchase this beast. I can’t wait to have him and Cable at each other’s throats on my shelves. I know ya’ll will keep making me a proud collector, but it’s always thrilling when the X-Men statues I really want start showing their mugs.

    Keep making me (broke) proud, Sideshow.

  • Vex

    When can we pre-order????

  • chang

    i cant wait… just open your pre-orders and take my money, is going to look amazing next to my wolverine days from future past!!!! :)

  • William Watson

    OMG! Do you have plans to bring more marvel villians/heros to the awesome 1/4 scale/maquette lines?

  • Burt W.

    By far and away the best representation of the character in a sculpted medium. Truly wish the books themselves would follow suit in such a creative lead. Cannot wait to display it proudly!

  • KainSwiss

    Just shut up with all the dam amazing stuff and take my money why don’t you! Simply fantastic piece. Love love love at first site. Apocalypse will be so happy standing right next to Gladiator Hulk!!!!

  • Adlyone

    The Age of Apocalypse is upon us.
    I want two!!

  • kyle

    This figure looks awesome so far! I like the saw, and am looking forward to seeing the other manifestations of his powers!

  • jakou

    take my money please

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